If you think that your spouse may be cheating on you then you are living in a constant feeling of being off balance. You can neither move forward in your life, nor even change direction because you haven’t determined an ending to what is happening right now. You can’t get counseling, or work on your marriage, and you can’t end your marriage and work on your life alone. You are stuck.

You can get unstuck by finally figuring out without doubt if your spouse is cheating or not. You can do that by using these five hacks to help you become a pro at catching your partner cheating. If you really want to catch your spouse cheating it will behoove you to learn these tricks and tips of the trade.

#1: Get Biological Evidence

This might seem strange but you can gather biological evidence yourself if you think your spouse is cheating. You can learn a lot about how to do that with the right informative materials and access to the right tools that can help you gather biological evidence that cannot be refuted if your spouse is cheating. You may be able to find tricky ways to gather the evidence you need to prove that your spouse has cheated. It won’t be pretty, but it is effective to helping you know for sure so that you can make your next plans.

#2: Get the Right Spy Gadgets

You will need to educate yourself about the different types of tools and gadgets that you can buy to help you catch a cheating spouse. There are software programs that you can use on your spouse’s computer, work or home, which can provide to you the type of information you need including potentially the name and address of anyone that your spouse is cheating with if you want that type of information. You may need it if you plan a court proceeding that requires you to prove misconduct. Some of the information you gather may not be usable in court and may only be good for you to use to catch the cheater, but it’s still good to know.

#3: Learn Secrets of Body Language

Everyone has similar body language for telling the truth and for attempts at concealing the truth. Investigators are trained in paying attention to such things as how often the target touches their nose, or ear, how often they clear their throat or say “uh” or “um” in a particular story. They also pay attention to how the body is reacting to what they are saying. Everyone has a giveaway sign that they do automatically when they lie. Learn about these signs and also realize that you have known your spouse a long time, probably longer than the person he or she is cheating with – therefore you can pinpoint lying easier if you pay attention to their body language.

#4: Identify Where Missing Money Goes

Do you have money missing and charges on credit cards that neither you nor your spouse can explain? Instead of backing off take these issues to the next level by dealing with your bank directly to find out exactly when a charge was made, and where. Once you know when and where you can learn a lot more about what is happening to your money and who is helping your spouse spend it. If you can trace each charge you’ll figure out a pattern of events that will enable you to figure out more of what is going on, when it started, and whether or not it’s still going on.

#5: Learn What Cheaters Do to Deflect

Teach yourself about how cheaters often treat their partners during an accusation or anytime they fear getting caught. Some of the things they do are downright devious and it will help you to learn about these actions so that you can identify when your spouse is doing it to you to change the topic or get your mind off the potential that they are cheating. Most spouses do not want to be caught, and they will go to great lengths to prevent you catching them red handed and some of the things they do are downright abusive to the point that they can make you feel like you’re the one who is crazy.

Catching a cheating spouse is hard on you, but if you know what to look for you don’t have to drive yourself crazy. Using the tools that you can find to discover the truth about your spouse will enable you to move on in your life faster and easier than if you just wait for your spouse to come forward honestly. Remember, they don’t want to get caught; they will lie until you have proof and may even continue to lie later depending on what they believe is at stake. It could be that they love you enough not to have you find out, but it could also mean that they have a high profile job, or are at risk of losing a lot of money in a divorce.

Whatever their reasons for not wanting to be caught, you can overcome them if you know what to do without being detected until you are ready to confront your spouse about their cheating. After all, knowing doesn’t have to mean that you confront them, but it might mean that you know what you have to do to move on past this horrible time in your life.

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