In private, when a couple have sex, it's supposed to be a happy and pleasurable experience. But there are couples who have a little bit of pain, and they're pretty confused and want to know why. There are five behaviors you may have.

1. Rush into sexual life.

In the absence of any physical problems, if a pain during sex occurs, it may be caused by inadequate vaginal lubrication. Due to lack of preparation before sexual life, such as flirtation, kissing and caressing, women won't get excited easily, which makes the vagina less moist. So it may cause pain because of friction. Before the sexual intercourse, doing foreplay to arouse women is needed.

2. There is redundant genital foreskin.

If the male foreskin of male genitalia is too long, poor personal health will easily cause inflammation of the external reproductive organs, inviting painful experience in sexual life. So it is better to undergo the treatment of circumcision in the formal hospital, which is to make sure you can have a happy and healthy sexual experience for both of you.

3. Pain caused by inflammation

It mainly refers ejaculation ache or sexual intercourse ache, which can be caused by prostatitis mostly. This is a common male disease, which can cause painful symptoms when urinating and having sex. For the treatment, antibiotics can be used for acute prostatitis. If you have chronic prostatitis, the herbal remedy Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is more suitable.

Men should notice their personal hygiene and the health care of the genitals, to avoid inflammation. Once the disease is detected, get treated in time. If you have some bad habits, such as smoking, drinking, staying up late and liking spicy food, you should avoid them during the treatment.

4. Men are allergic to condoms

Occasionally, some males’ penises may be allergic to certain condoms, which can lead to local inflammation of the skin, that is dermatitis. When there is pain during sexual life, it may be caused by a condom if there is no disease. So you can try other brand of condoms the next time. Make sure you do use condoms every time and the condoms are totally quality-guaranteed.

5. Women are affected by gynecological diseases

When the female vagina secretion is overmuch, or when there is a certain gynecological disease such as vaginitis, the likelihood of pain will occur during sex. If a man has inflammation, when entering a woman's vagina, it will change the environment of the woman's urogenital system, causing inflammation and pain. So regardless of the one with inflammation, both should actively treated before sex.

Finally, both men and women should pay attention to their personal reproductive health at ordinary time. They should pay attention to regular sexual life and do not have sexual intercourse frequently. When the disease emerges, active treatment or joint treatment should be done in time, to ensure the health of sexual experience.

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