We owe much gratitude to our country’s veterans. These brave men and women have laid their lives on line to protect our nation. We have been insulated from the horrors of war because our brave veterans have defended our country and our families.

Unfortunately in the service of the nation, these brave men and women were exposed to the hazards of asbestos fibers. Even though they were successful in avoiding war wounds and natural disasters, asbestos exposure defeated them.

Many veterans working on Navy ships and dockyards were exposed to the asbestos that was commonly used in the constructing of Navy ships. The workers could become exposed to the asbestos fibers during building, regular maintenance, and repairs of the ships. At the time, asbestos manufacturers knew of the risks associated with their products, but had not made the information public. Therefore, proper safety precautions weren’t taken, and countless servicemen and women were exposed. Some have since been diagnosed with asbestos related cancer and other relevant medical conditions.

When mesothelioma symptoms first present, they are often confused with symptoms of less threatening ailments such as pneumonia or asthma. Often, by the time mesothelioma symptoms are properly diagnosed, the disease is already in its late stages. This makes it more difficult to treat.

How Baron and Budd is helping veterans receive compensation

Baron and Budd, P.C. a premier asbestos litigation firm, has successfully represented thousands of veterans over the years. When mesothelioma symptoms strike, patients seldom have complete knowledge of the disease. Many are also unaware that they can get compensated from manufacturers of asbestos.

Baron and Budd has helped spread awareness of this fact. There is hope for veterans. Given that treating this disease is expensive, veterans can supplement medical funds with the compensation received from manufacturers of asbestos. By seeking compensation from the manufacturers and suppliers of asbestos-containing products, Baron and Budd can help seek justice for thousands of veterans.

Baron and Budd is an established law firm and a frontrunner in asbestos litigation. With experienced and precedent-setting attorneys, the law firm has the perfect combination of knowledge and practice to tackle complex mesothelioma cases.


There’s definitely hope for veterans. Baron and Budd helps veterans by litigating under a contingency fee agreement. The law firm only collects fees after the patient receives compensation. To learn more about Baron and Budd, P.C. and the services the firm provides for its clients, visit www.mesotheliomanews.com.

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