Are you one of those people who think that if they are out of school they no longer need the education, they no longer need to learn? I used to think like that also. I knew that once you finish school the reading, the studying, the researching will be over. We will always be ignorant, whether we stop learning at 20, at 30 or at 100 but the person who does not stop studying just because they finish school will have a happier and more meaningful life. They will be a more knowledgeable and wiser person then the one who stops this process once they’re out of school.

If we stop this process, we will slowly die, little by little and we will see life not as a treasure, not as something precious but a burden. “The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live.” Mortimer Adler

Imagine a person who is preoccupied with the way it looks and feels, a person who exercises at least 3 times a week, a person who eats healthy food and drinks the proper amount of water and then imagine a person who lives a sedentary life, working at a desk from 9 to 5, driving from home to work and then from work home, a person who does not exercise, a person who is eating only junk food and drinks all kind of toxic beverages. The person who is active, the person who is exercising, looks and feels great, in and out. This person has a great amount of energy, a passion for life and is always looking for new ways to stay happy, healthy and in shape while the other person is feeling depressed, tired, sick and is constantly complaining about life and about its lack of purpose and direction in life. This person sees life not as a precious gift but as a constant struggle, as a burden.

The same thing applies to your mind. You need to feed it, you need to take care of your mind otherwise it will slowly die. Reading is for the mind as exercise is for the body. If you have a healthy mind you will also have a healthy body. And you know, once you start taking care of one area you will also focus your attention and energy on the others too. I can tell you from my experience that once you start exercising you will feel more energized, happier and you will start looking for new ways to grow as a person, to use your time wiser and to work on something bigger, to work on improving yourself, your life and the world you live in. Educate yourself, discipline yourself to do the things you need to do when you need to do them and it will come a day when you will do the things you want to do when you will want to do them.

I believe that those people who have love for themselves will do everything they can to educate themselves on a regular basic, to take care of their health, mind and body. As within so without. You can’t stop because if you stop the whole world will stop and if you move the whole world will move with you. It’s so sad to know that there is so much for us out there, there are so many things for us to explore and discover and we do nothing about it. I love to experiment. I love to learn and I love to discover new talents within me that I did not know I posses. I know that we all have huge potential and all we need to do is to dig deeper and deeper within us until we discover the treasures that are hidden within us. “No matter how one may think himself accomplished, when he sets out to learn a new language, science, or the bicycle, he has entered a new realm as truly as if he were a child newly born into the world.” Frances Willard

If you keep on learning, if you keep on searching and exploring, you will never get old. Your body may change in time but on the inside you will remain the same energic and adventurous child that you have always been. I sometimes encounter this kind of people, beautiful, kind and pure hearted people that are only looking to learn more and more, that are only looking for the beauty that lies out there and that beauty can be noticed in their lives also.

Whether you realize it or not, every day there are lessons handed down to you, lessons that you can choose to master or you can choose to ignore. It’s all up to you. I guide my life based on this belief that everything and everyone that comes into my life comes for a reason and they are all trying to teach me something. They are all here to teach me something and I look for the lessons. I’m not saying that I am a straight A student because I’m not, but I’m getting better and better and I have learned a lot from everything that has happened to me so far. You see, it’s not that hard. It’s all up to us and how we choose to look at everything and everyone.

So what would you like to learn? Do you have a passion, maybe a dream that you’ve abandoned? What is is that you would like to do for yourself, for those that you love and why not for this planet? Why waste yourself, why waste your precious talents and your great potential? Why waste your time here on this beautiful planet? I say it’s time for you to start moving, to start dreaming and to start growing. Work on yourself, work on improving your gifts and abilities and work toward discovering new ones also. I know you can and you know it also.

Author's Bio: 

I am currently working toward my Business and Psychology Bachelor Degree and on writing my first book.

I have also started working on my blog where I write about ways to help people discover their purpose in life, about ways to live a happier and more meaningful life, how to boost their self esteem and self confidence and other ways to help them grow and improve their lives.

I am a writer, blogger, people builder, soul sculptor and a lover of life.