Great saints of high stature consciousness sometimes incarnate on earth with a special mission in mind. Whenever they appear they give self glory to innumerable people. Whoever contacts these great saints understand their multifaceted aspects. If we imbibe even a little of their teaching in our life we become glorified. On the face of it our Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya appeared ordinary and of a simple personality. For his entire life he wore a Khadi Dhoti and Kurta and lived the life of a pious Brahmin. In whichever way he lived he demonstrated to all how to live a life of intense austerities. How one can become a great saint by attaining the Lord’s grace. He had mastered Gayatri. In every pore of his being resided Super Energy Gayatri. It was this that was the found of all his Sidhis or Divine Powers. It was not as though Super Energy Gayatri had chosen him just like that. When Gurudeva imbibed Hansa Vritti or the capacity to separate truth and untruth he was chosen. He executed special austerity based spiritual practices. By living a life of disciplined self control he demonstrated that in today’s era too it is possible to perform penance of that high stature associated with Vishwamitra-Vasishtha.

He gave a creative direction to the lives of thousands of people. Even after shedding his mortal coil (2nd June 1990) he is ceaselessly giving us all this great inspiration via untold amount of literature penned by him (about 3000 books), sacred discourses (more than 5000 cassettes) and establishment of various institutions (about 4000). His teaching was very simple and straightforward. He exhorted us to live a life of penance. One must imbibe spirituality based materialism and harbor positive thinking in life. For the final 20 years of his life he proclaimed that the 21st century indeed has a bright future for which he encouraged people to strive towards this goal by imbuing them with zest. He would say that 21st century means a century of advancement of principles, ideals and human values. In 1971 after bidding farewell to a gigantic congregation he headed for Himalayas via Mathura and finally landed in Haridwar. Over here he helped develop a gigantic institution for encouraging scientific spirituality predominating with austerities and also training volunteers for ushering in a radiant 21st century.

Today scholars of social sciences, futurologists, visionaries, environmentalists etc are worried about those problems which our Gurudeva has discussed much beforehand in the 1967 Akhand Jyoti Magazine. He would write about details of all this by enumerating various statistics, possibilities of natural calamities and how to combat them. Via all these articles he had set up a special organization of high intellectuals and if they did not receive the Akhand Jyoti Magazine in time they would get agitated. Now in the past 15 years this organization has gathered more momentum and it is immersed in awakening the masses regarding world problems and finding apt solutions to troubleshoot them. Possibly very challengingly for the first time a great saint has said that a Golden Era or Satyuga shall dawn and that most definitely it shall commence from the land of India. He described this Satyuga in a scientific manner. Gentlemanly people shall increase manifold in world society, they will possess more divinity and that they shall be farsighted. A farsighted person is always honest, understanding, responsible and valiant. When such people augment in society in whom divinity has already dawned, it will not take long for heaven to manifest on planet earth. Today our country India has a population of 10.2 billion people. Around 0.6 billion people are NRI’s or Non resident Indians. Just as everyone is moving in the direction of development and progress, around 60% are youths (which no other nation possesses) and by getting awakened they are giving an apt direction to the country which is a sign of hope/optimism. It is the technical knowledge of our ever growing population has become its asset.

Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma had said that by the time 2005 arrives the population shall start diminishing on its own and by the year 2020 the population will be as much as the amount of resources possessed by the country. When this was spoken of by him in 1980 it seemed baseless and yet today this is exactly what is happening. The international magazine ‘Newsweek’ (27th September, 2004) writes that today the problem is not of excess population but the problem in future will be of less population. This is because the birth rate has diminished dangerously. Apart from Pakistan, Iran, Central Africa and Indonesia the birth rate in the rest of the countries shall decrease swiftly. This has happened because of decrease in fertility rate. Possibly till 2020 year the balance may become apt and the entire world with this limited population (in the mean time many shall die too) will live happily which has been inferred by scientists. That inference which futurists could not make has been spoken of 25 previously by a thinker (Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya) of a Drishta (divine seer) stature.

Bang opposite to science revered Gurudeva looked upon the entire basis of development as sensitivity. He said that they could transform the sentiments, sensitivity, faith and psyche of people. We do not wish to brain wash others akin to communists. Today’s Psychology Science shall change tomorrow and its place shall be taken by spirituality/mysticism. Those who believe in animalistic activities are actually the psychologists of beasts. On the other hand true spirituality will talk of advancement of divinity in world humans, activation of sensitive emotions and thus usher in Satyuga or Golden Era via such transformations. Time and again in 1989 revered Gurudeva gave such indications which are fructifying today for all to see. In those days he was authoring books in revolutionary religion. He wrote about 30 books but he said only 20 of them were of utmost importance. These 20 books published under the titles of ‘Parivartan ke mahan kshan’, ‘Satyuga ki vapasi’, ‘Ikisvi sadi ujwal bhavishya’ etc in 2000 in the form of ‘Mahapurnahuti pustakmala’ were republished and sold at cost price. Every sentence written by this revolutionary Rishi-seer is worth reading and deeply cogitating upon. In it there is a solution of all problems faced today by mankind. What should be our lifestyle? What are the golden aphorisms of life’s penance? How will Satyuga reappear? All this can be read after more than 15 years of its penning and can be seen materialized too.

Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (Divine Culture University) by materializing the dream of revered Gurudeva is fulfilling the enormous task of creating great men of the 21st century. Whosoever has seen Acharyas (teachers) over here living lives of true pious Brahmins and students who imbibe great ideals in their lives feel that a model of the 21st century is being designed here. Its distant center and an institution of related universities too is undergoing development. This institution that successfully unites modern education and wisdom is like a lighthouse that gives us direction within dark surroundings and hence is a galaxy. God is a confluence of great tasks and has vowed to usher in Era Transformation. Volunteers over here have deep faith in this. Shantikunj, All World Gayatri Family (Haridwar, India) is a hermitage of spiritual practice and Divine Culture University is akin to a mint. The foundation of these institutions is very firm and strong. It is nurtured with sacred austerities. None can even shift a wee bit a stone of this region. This institution standing on the foundation of ideals set up by revered Gurudeva and HH Mataji is so powerful that it is not dependent just on a handful of special personages. This in fact is a lineage of high ideals and supreme values. Those who gain the capability to work for it shall march ahead in life successfully. This is a center of hope for thousands-millions of International Gayatri Family members. It is they who are nourishing and nurturing it. Everyone must harbor faith that the 21st century is full of radiant potentials of the future. It verily is true understanding on our part to accept this fact and by becoming a true devotee conjoin to this stupendous divine mission.

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