There is only one God! He is the God of all! Your god is the wrong god! Yet some of you Blessed enough may have the right God! No one religion has a monopoly on the Creator; not Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Taoism or any other religion. Ignorant religious adherence is man’s greatest obstacle! Yet, you cannot reach God without devoted religious practice! Regardless of your religious faith, you can still get to know God! All masters of every religion have delivered the same message! No religious figure is better than another! Jesus will not save you from your sins! No Divine Master has ever come to deliver a religion! While some of these masters may have lived a life in a more dramatic fashion than others, they all come from the same One Source! God’s laws are of the Spirit and are eternal and unbreakable! Religions are the result of man’s law and are temporary and ever changing! Sin is inevitable! Sin will not land you in Hell for an eternity! You are not who you think you are! Evolution is a fact! God did create the world in seven days! There is nothing ever discovered in science that contradicts God’s reality or truth! You are no better than Judas, Hitler, Ghangus Khan or Stalin! You are no worse than Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Muhammad, Gandhi, Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King Jr.! Going to church every Sunday or Saturday or everyday for that matter will not get you to heaven! Being a good person is not enough for true salvation! No matter how noble your cause in life may be, it is not sufficient to grant you access to the Lord! Blind faith is a ridiculous concept and is more of a hindrance to you than it is helpful! Without Faith all is hopeless!
First, let me apologize for all the “shouting” I just did in the first paragraph. Many of the statements sound contradicting and yet still hold true. I’m sure many, if not all, of the statements I’ve made may have offended you. In fact, I may have caused many readers to have already dropped this book from their hands. What makes this even more shocking is that I meant every word of it. Now for those of you who weren’t scared away and continued to read further, I say “kudos” to you! You’ve shown that you have the open-mindedness to at least hear someone out to see if they have an explanation for what may appear to be blasphemous statements. I will elaborate on every idea I’ve stated in the first paragraph and more. In Matthew 13:9 Jesus says “Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.” Within the following chapters of this book I will attempt to convey ideas that may be familiar to you and others which may cause you to cringe. My job is not necessarily to unravel everything you’ve ever learned but rather to cause you to at least delve a little more deeply into your own beliefs. Regardless of whether or not at the end of this reading you agree with me, I hope it will inspire you to seek a clearer understanding of your relationship with the Creator in a more earnest way. So let’s see who has “ears to hear.”
After countless generations of mankind on the face of the Earth, it is puzzling that we have not yet grown to support the whole of life. As with any examination of a subject there are always two sides to every story. On one hand we can look at the state of human life from the “half full” perspective and say that man has come a long way. We have had much advancement in science, technology and medicine. Man has walked on the moon, created computers to communicate with people on the other side of the globe and has harnessed energy in numerous ways. We travel in flight to foreign lands in a matter of hours and with a hand-held device can receive phone calls from family members, check the weather, news and enjoy many luxuries of life.
On the other hand, from the “half empty” perspective man still seems to glorify violence. We will take another person’s life after a simple disagreement. We live off a principle of “might makes right!” We have individuals and entire nations that suffer from homelessness, starvation and lack of education. We still discriminate against others based upon their skin color, cultural appearance, socio-economic background, religious practices and other foolish reasons. No doubt, we’ve come a long ways from some of the more horrific historical stories of past. Yet surprisingly, one issue that has plagued mankind perhaps like no other is our simple belief in a Higher Power!
While most religions believe in a loving God, we seem to justify our biases and dislike of others for not worshiping the “right god.” Sure there are many who may not pick up a brick to hit another person of a different religious faith but inwardly they accept the notion that the “non-believer” will suffer an eternity in Hell for their wrong faith. Yet others call people of the wrong faith infidels and think they deserve whatever punishment they can dish out to them as if the world would be better off without them. Although the average person may not be this extreme, the lack of ability to try to recognize the commonality of our humanity is the breeding ground that leads to hate. The typical person is not a follower of a particular faith because they’ve studied all of the options and made the best-informed decision. They belong to a religious faith because their parents chose that for them or they were born in an area where the majority of the people adhere to that faith. Most of us spend more time investigating career paths or choosing mates than we do exploring the reasons why we worship a particular god. We do the bare minimum in understanding the principles of our own faith much less attempt to understand the tenets of another’s faith. If we are unable to accept every man, even our enemies, as being equals then none of us are fit for a life in heaven!

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