Via speech or pen for clarity of thought language plays a major role. Language has aided uplifting of human civility and progress. Apart from humans those creatures who cannot express their emotions and thoughts face innumerable problems. These problems were faced by Adam Age man too. He felt distressed with his backward existence. As a result of inspiration for advancement efforts were taken recourse to. The biggest question to be answered was how to express one’s thoughts. It was difficult to progress without others cooperation.

After making tireless efforts in this direction languages were born. The day a well designed language took birth that day was most important in the annals of human progress. In past centuries society had not developed as much as is witnessed today. Apart from its limited arena man knew nothing about the rest of the world. They lived within the periphery of their limited thinking but made efforts for collective progress. This must definitely have happened do to evolution of various world languages. A group of a particular region on earth designed their respective languages based on their capacities. Others too evolved their own language. Thus by living separately from each other or else due to lack of contact with each other primary information that was knowledge oriented could not be shared and communicated. As per requirements of a region these languages evolved according to social needs.

After marching ahead on this progress path today man has entered those times which is called the Scientific Age. Due to mind boggling discoveries of modern science many means of comforts have been designed. New research in arenas of communication, transport etc the entire world has been rendered a small alley. Despite this due to language based differences it takes years to communicate information of one society and country to alien people. In every field of science and information daily newer research data is unfolded. If only there were one world language, the entire world would benefit without any delay. After decades research information is translated into other languages but at that time this information has become old and many changes have set in them.

Today there are around 3000 well known world languages. Only 13 of these are used to carry out world transactions. Amongst major world languages are included Danish, Swedish, Norse, German, Italian, Icelandic, Portuguese, Welsh, Bulgarian, Irish, Spanish, Hindi, Persian, Czech, Finnish, Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Berber, Somali, Tibetan, Turkish, Burmese, Siamese, Mongolian, Korean, Japanese, Swahili, Uzbek etc.

According to the ‘World almanac 1980’ the statistical figures of how many that speak major world languages is thus. Arabic .14 billion .2 million, Bengali .14 billion, Chinese .8 billion .1 million, English .96 billion, French .1 billion, German .12 billion, Hindi .2 billion, Japanese .11 billion .5 million, German .5 billion .7 million, Malaya/Indonesian .1 billion .6 Spanish .23 billion .8 million, Turkish .04 billion .2 million, Urdu .06 billion .5 million, Vietnamese .04 billion .1 million, Italian .06 billion .1 million etc.

Merely in India there are 181 languages and 540 dialects. In India around 8700 daily, weekly, monthly etc newspapers, magazines etc are published. English newspapers number 2560 and in Hindi there are 2142 publications. Over and above this many others are published in languages like Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Urdu, Malyalam and so on. As per data available the print media spends a whopping .55 billion rupees. These are only India based statistics. Figures of other countries too are available. Countries within the fold of UNO number 154. If the expenses of daily newspaper printing are akin to that of India the world publishing media would be spending 84.7 billion rupees. Literature printed on various topics will be n times more.

Due to variedness in languages many types have to be designed for printing. A lot of hard work and money is used up for this. For various languages a lot of effort, expenses, waste of wealth occurs while making arrangements for their publication. If only there were 1 world language time, labor and wealth could have been saved which in turn could be utilized to solve other world problems.

So far we have discussed finances. But due to language differences it is difficult to create a bond of love and brotherhood amongst world humanity. When a knower of one language meets a person speaking another language they feel a sense of separateness. As against this when 2 people speaking one language meet immediately a bond of friendship and oneness sets in. love and regards automatically manifest. When in alien countries you meet people of your own nationality a natural joy oozes along with friendship.

According to subtle visionaries and great scholars in the near future the entire world will develop as a single nation. Without this quarrels amongst various countries can never be overcome. Programs will have to be etched at the international level. The aim of the revolution of world humanity will have to be placed in front of all. This indeed will be the 1st step in readying this great mission full of world goodwill wherein a single world language will be unveiled.

In the past 100 years efforts albeit scattered have been made in this direction. But since these are not well designed success was not attained. Many scholars for the requirement of a well established common language have executed due efforts. In the year 1887 Poland’s Dr Lukwik Janes Hard designed a language called Esparanto. Regarding this he authored a book called ‘Toctro Esparanto’. In it were used 921 words, most used in various world languages. Initially .01 million people of 83 countries used this language. 50 national associations, 22 international professional organizations and more than 120 local clubs tried using it. Despite this League of Nations did not give it its approval. For this language there was enthusiasm initially and yet due to inherent errors in it, it did not get universal acceptance. Before this a scholar called Jone Martin Skletcher by creating an admixture of varied world languages designed a language called ‘Bolopik’ in 1887 but why it failed was because it was an incomplete effort devoid of any relationship.

In the year 1907 a scholar called Lias D Vyufont getting inspired by the Esparanto language made new efforts for a single world language. It was called Ido but since it was relegated merely to discussions it failed as a world language. After this was a 4th person called Otto Jamesperson who labored hard regarding this. In 1928 he designed the Novial language but due to errors in it, it failed in getting international approval.

Based on Latin language a mathematician Gayus P Piya in 1903 created Interlingua (Latin Sign Flexin) language. It was an admixture of various languages. Another person who made such efforts was Edgar D Bahal. In 1922 he tried getting world approval for his language Oxintal but since it lacked special qualities required for world approval, it failed.

Britain’s psychologist and education scholar Charles K Egdan in 1932, due to fame of English language, by rendering changes in basic English language, made efforts to design a new international language. He developed a dictionary of 850 words but by giving the world’s chief leading language importance this Basic English did not get world approval.

Despite failure as mentioned above everyone realizes the need of a single world language. By commenting on these efforts ‘Encyclopedia Britannica’ says that further endeavors continue to design a single world language. Even if till today one sees failure to do so that does not mean that all efforts will come to a standstill. There is a high possibility that along with advancement in time we will experience that so many world languages are posing as obstructions to the progress of this world and human civilization. Since in the limited arena of various languages there is lack of provision for application there is a need to choose one language very soon and evolve it further. In order to tie the world in a bond of soul oneness today great leading world seers must take gigantic steps in this direction.

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