You don’t need to be wealthy or have lots of money in order to be generous!  Jesus said: “There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.”  ACTS 20:35    I know that when I give to others, I feel beyond amazing!  It can be as small and simple as offering a kind word or gesture towards another or sharing a smile and kind act to a stranger.  It never ceases to surprise me that every time I perform a small and simple act, I feel blessed, happy and fulfilled.  I, in that moment, have transformed my life for the better. When you are comfortable with who you are and where you are in life, you become more creative and fulfilled. That is when you are empowering yourself to be a better you, a more generous you and most of all a more content you.
It is most unfortunate that we have been cultivating in the world today an attitude of taking all you can get.  Too many people are self-centered and only interested in self-indulgence as they place their attention only on what can they get.  What’s in it for me is the statement of the day. 
Maybe it is time to begin to take a step back and discover for your self the joy of generosity?  Let your gifts shine!  We all have the power within ourselves to not only transform our own life but also to transform the lives of others.
You may not be as skilled as some of the other professionals in the world, but you have something that can change lives and inspire others to be the best they can be.  When you empower others, you at the same time empower you to transform lives. Make time to look around and inspire others, be a good example to others and learn to be happy for others.  Refuse to fall into the trap of gossip, criticism, jealousy or resentment; be big – think big and take big steps to celebrate the joy of being generous for the simple reason that it fills you with inner peace and satisfaction. 
Be a joyful giver of kindness, of caring and sharing towards others.  Daily empower yourself to be the best you can be. You will not only gain inner peace and joy, you will also soon discover a wonderful sense of joyful generosity.  

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Joan Marie Whelan, dubbed Intuition Girl, has created an extraordinary lifestyle using her uncanning, insightful intuition abilities. Joan Marie is sought after across the world as a trusted advisor, coach, and lifestyle design expert. Her teachings have been called, "inspirational," "unbelievably insightful," "the ultimate guide," and rave reviews continue to come in. Joan Marie is truly enjoying her journey and the extraordinary lifestyle she's desired and deserved... The Joan Marie team believes in your abilities to create the extraordinary lifestyle you deserve. Do you believe?