No matter how consciously we live, sometime accidents do happen when children are involved.
So how can we collaborate with the health-professionals in such instances ?
We have experienced this - and created a win-win situation :

When Leopold Light was 2 years old -another incident showed us how conscious and intelligent he was for his age:
Unfortunately he had an accident in his “learning to walk…” period. He fell against a low window-frame and broke off most off his two front teeth. To correct this he had to go through the same procedure as in a full surgical operation. He had to be put into narcoses.

We visited the specialist dentist in Oslo , and we discussed how to do this, since he was so young.
They explained the procedure , it was scary and traumatic. They told us that we had to hold him with force, and press the narcoses mask on his face, against his will. “ You have to be firm and angry “, they told us…
This was very much contrary to how we wanted to deal with the situation. We asked to hear other options, but there were no other acceptable ways, we were told.

The Pearl Shanti suggested the following:
We bring the narcoses mask home. For the next 30 days we put the mask on Leopold Lights friends (Teddy, Lise, Pinky etc) in the bed at night, and after that 5 minutes on Leopold, in order for him to become accustomed to the mask and feel comfortable and safe.

The doctor who was responsible for the anesthesia complied, but didn`t think it would be effective. The health professionals had the opinion that he wouldn`t understand, and that he would create trouble when he came into the operation room , with all the machines, wires and strangers.

“ Then we really have to be forceful ! “ – they said.
Moreover they explained:
“ If we do it the way we suggest, there will be no traumas for him. He is too young to remember such experiences “.

Anyway, Pearl Shanti had 5 minutes with Leopold each evening. First she put the mask on all his friends and counted slowly to twenty, while explaining what was going to happen.. After that she put the mask on Leopold. He breathed calmly, 20 deep inhales and exhales. Pearl Shanti told him what to excpect in the operation room, while the dentist was working with his teeth.
Yes – there would be strangers there, but very kind strangers, and they were only there to help him.

Pearl Shanti told Leopold about the health professionals and what kind of tasks they had. And about all the instruments, sounds and smells. She continued and explained that he would fall asleep when he had counted slowly to 20. Pearl Shanti assured him that mum and dad would be waiting in the next room until it was time for him to wake up again.
And when he woke up, mom and dad would be right next to him and hold his hand.
“ Mum and dad will be there with you when you open your eyes “ she said.

The 30 days with mask rehearsal was a great success – with full cooperation and understanding from Leopold. We only brought forth the mask for 5 minutes – and then it was put back.
Now we were confident that this would work as easily and calmly as the way it had worked when rehearsing. And now we were on our way to the real thing…

Our task was to be in focus and see to it that this was happening according to plan.
We arrived in Oslo and found a lodging. We smiled and laughed for Leopold. Our plan was to have a nice meal on a restaurant, but we chose to relax at the boarding- house. All of us fell asleep early.
We arrived at the dentist early next morning ,without having breakfast (we fasted with Leopold). We did all in our power to make sure Leopold Light felt safe.

Leopold Light surprised everyone in the operation room. He sat on Pearl Shanti`s lap, put on the mask and counted slowly to twenty. He fell asleep while Pearl Shanti was whispering to him that everything was OK – and that we were there with him.

When the operation was over (it lasted for 2 hours), and we sat there and held Leopold`s(whom everybody was so proud of)hand, we were overwhelmed with emotions.
We were praised by the health professionals. They took our hands and said that they had never experienced anything like it.
“ This was just perfect ! “ they said. They even asked Pearl Shanti to explain the method again – so that they could use it later with all children.

There are always other solutions - we should never underestimate children !

Pearl Shanti

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--Pearl Shanti

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