A little while ago, I wrote about when my father worked with a healer called, Errol Campbell, and after I wrote this article, I ended up sharing it with him. Yet, before I wrote this article, I wasn’t sure if I would have enough content within me to write an article about this moment.

Just Do It!

This doubt was coming from my mind, while my body was telling me to go for it. After I had written about this moment, I thought it would be a good idea to send it to Errol.

I wasn’t sure if I would hear anything back from him, but to my surprise, he replied and asked me if I was free to speak over the internet sometime. I thought that this would be great, so we soon arranged a time to speak.

One Area

During the call, we touched upon the time when he assisted my father, as well as other things. One of the things that we spoke about is how futile it is to expect one person to fulfil all of our needs.

This was something that I had been aware of for a little while, I had even written a few articles about it. But even though I was aware of this, what Errol said about this made a mark.

Going Deeper

He didn’t just say that it wasn’t a good idea to expect one person to fulfil all of our needs and then speak about how this isn’t possible, he went into why we usually look towards one person to fulfil our needs in the first place. His way of looking at this was that it was our ‘mother or father wound’ that causes us to behave in this way.

Therefore, what we didn’t receive during our early years is what we look towards another person to give us. And the reason we would look towards one person is because we would have looked towards one parent when we were growing up.

One Difference

So, although we will look different, part of us will see another person in the same way as we used to see our parent/s. The part of us that is defining how we see another person is likely to be our inner child.

We might no longer be aware of this part of us, but it will still be having a big effect on our life. The person we see in the mirror will look very different to the person that we are carrying within us - the child who is running our life.

Another Approach

An alternative to trying to get these needs met by another person is to get in touch with our inner child and to face how we feel. Through working through this pain, we will gradually begin to need less and this will make it easier for us to have relationships that are fulfilling.

Additionally, Errol spoke about how we can be nurtured in other ways and that we don’t need to rely solely on others. One of the ways he said that this can take place is through being in nature and connecting to the love that nature provides.

Final Thoughts

This was a very interesting and powerful conversation; I had no idea that writing an article would lead to this. If you would like to find out more about Errol, and the services that he offers, please go to - http://sourceawakening.com/

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