When it comes to what music people like, there are styles that are more popular than others. And within each style, there are musicians that plenty of people know about and musicians that very few many people know about.

In the same way, certain approaches are more popular than others when it comes to healing mental and emotional problems. And within each approach, there are techniques that are well known and there are others that are under the radar, so to speak.

The Reason

It would be easy to say that the reason one style of music is more popular than another is because it is better. In the case of a healing, this would be tantamount to saying that one approach is better than other.

Based on this outlook, the reason one musician is well know and another is not is also because they are better. And when a technique is well know, it must then me a sign that it is also better.

Another Angle

But while this can seem like the right conclusion when it comes to music, it is clearly not this black and white, and is likely to come down to peoples opinion. Thus, the reason one style is more popular than the other is not because it is better; it is because more people are drawn to it.

In the case of one musician being more well known and another being on the fringes (even though they have the same style), it can come down to the exposure they have received. What can also play a part here is what they look like, as what someone looks like typically plays a big role in the music industry.


And as certain approaches are more popular than other, it would also be easy to say that they must be better. However, what this can show is that more people feel comfortable with these approaches and the others could cause them to feel uncomfortable, for instance.

Along with this, the reason some techniques are more well-known than others could be due to how old they are or the funding that is behind them. So if a mainstream organisation finds that it is easy for people to train in this technique and it doesn’t cost a lot to offer if to others, it would then be natural for them to offer it.

One Experience

If one was in a position where they had something that they needed to deal with, it could mean that they will end up taking the approach that is given the most exposure. It could then be normal for them to focus on their mind and/or their behaviour.

As a result of this, they could end up working with someone who uses a well-known technique. One way of looking at this would be to say that one will be focusing on the surface of themselves and not taking a deeper look

The Perfect Solution

Now, this could be what is needed and one could soon see the results that they are looking for. There is then no need for them to take a deeper look and focusing on the surface is enough.

At the same time, there could be the chance that this is not enough, and it might then be important for one to take a deeper look within them themselves. Still, if one was to say this to the person they are working with; they could tell them that they are already doing the right thing and that they need to be patient, for instance.


If one does have this experience, it could be a sign that they need to carry on doing the same thing, or it could mean that the person who is helping them is living on the surface of themselves. But as it is human nature to avoid pain, it is to be expected that this kind of scenario would arise.

Thus, out of the need to avoid what is taking place at a deeper level, it can set people up to be drawn to techniques where they don’t have to experience much pain. This can relate to the people who use the technique and to the ones who want to experience change.

Another Experience

Alternatively, one could be told that they need to try another approach, but this could cause them to experience resistance. They are then going to continue to experience life in the same way and it won’t be possible for them to move forward.

Yet if one was to try another approach, it still doesn’t mean that they will get the right results. Instead, one could end up being told that told that they need to be patient and that their life will soon change.

A Different Technique

What this would then show is that even though they have tried a different approach, the therapist is still being limited by their own outlook. For example, this could be a time where one is told that it relates to what is taking place in their body or even what happened to their ancestors.

If is about what is taking place in their body, then one is going to end up having to face pain. But if it is about what took place for their ancestors, it could mean that they won’t have to experience too much pain even though they are going deeper, so to speak.


Therefore, in the same way that people can focus on the mind in order to avoid pain, they can also focus on what their ancestors did in order to avoid having to experience pain. In this sense, the approach is different but the intention is the same.

However, while it can be necessary for one to try another approach in order for them to get the results they desire, this might not be needed. What it could come down to is that one needs to try another technique.


This shows how important it is for one to listen to their own intuition and to keep an open mind. There are many approaches and techniques out there, and what route one needs to take can all depend on what is taking place for them.

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