Health is wealth. It is very old and wise saying. When you are healthy, you can enjoy everything; food, parties, shopping, hangs out with friends and more. But when sickness comes, you feel dull and down. You don't like one of your favorite foods. You hate getting ready for parties. Your whole schedule is upside down. The key to healthy body is healthy living.

Taking a lot of medications can also cause bad health conditions. Why don't you try some natural ways of healing; like therapy? From hundreds of years, therapists have researched and discovered many therapies like; aroma therapy, light therapy, heat therapy, healing therapy etc. Let's have a look at some of them.

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese way of healing since more than 2000 years. It is best cure for lower back pains and sciatica. It is not only used by Chinese but also people from other regions have benefited with this therapy. Almost one million Americans have taken this therapy in any point of their lives.

Aroma therapy has its roots from ancient Egypt and China. It came to Americans via work of a French chemist. This type of healing uses aroma taken from plants and flowers. Special processes are used to gather oil from plants and these oils are of fine quality. Oils extracted are used either simple or in combination with other oils. These oils are often used directly on the skin to massage or are poured in the bath water to relax your body. Lavender oil relaxes and soothes your body and mind, when added to your bathing water. The sense of smell is very important as it transmits signals to the brain. Some kinds of odors are very pleasing and relax your mind; some are so annoying that they trigger headache. This therapy really works.

Ayurveda is a word from Sanskrit which means knowledge of life. It is traditional way of healing developed in India since thousands of years ago. The famous Yoga came from Ayurveda. This way of healing deals with hormones. If there is an imbalance in hormones, it will affect your body for sure. Panchakrama (meaning five processes) is also an ayurvedic healing mechanism. It uses 5 methods for healing. Massage, Sweat baths, Vomiting, Enemas and bloodletting by help of leeches. Basically, Ayurveda is a low risk and cost effective way of healing. It has cure for anxiety, stress, pain and depression.

The bee venom therapy is also a way of healing. It is both; unique and interesting therapy. Its origin is from ancient Egypt, Greece and Hippocrates. Bee venom was initially used for treatment of arthritis. For the therapy, a bee is picked up with tool like tweezers. It is then put on the effective part, after the sting when 10-15 minutes pass by, remove the sting. Sometimes ice is used on the skin. It reduces the pain due to the sting. 20 to 40 stings are recommended per session. Maximum 3 sessions are conducted in a week. You can observe swelling and redness on the treated parts of the body. This is the common side effect witnessed. It can also have fatigue and anxiety in women as compared to men facing the treatment. The key is to be careful while choosing mode of healing. After all, health is wealth!

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