Chronic epididymitis refers to the chronic inflammation of the epididymis. It has no apparent symptoms of acute epididymitis. However, it will make the patient's epididymis proliferate and fibrosis, and eventually lead to the whole epididymis sclerosis without treatment. Therefore, males must pay attention to it to avoid serious consequences.

For acute epididymitis, men can select antibiotics according to the test results. But when these antibiotics can not eliminate the symptoms, they should change the treatment due to long-term usage of antibiotics will produce drug resistance. Antibiotics are not a suitable option for chronic epididymitis.

If the patient's chronic epididymitis is caused by mild infection, they are often accompanied by chronic prostatitis. It is difficult to treat chronic prostatitis with antibiotics only, so men can not achieve the ideal therapeutic effect. It shows that antibiotics treatment is challenging to cure chronic epididymitis completely.

Since antibiotics can not wholly cure chronic epididymitis, let's discuss the therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that chronic epididymitis is mainly located in the epididymis. The primary pathogenesis is the dampness and heat stasis of the liver channel and Qi and blood deficiency. Therefore, to effectively treat the disease, it is necessary to focus on clearing away heat and dampness and activating blood circulation to remove blood stasis and take into account the exercise of Qi and pain relief and drainage of pus.

The patent herbal medicine formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill invented by Wuhan Li Xiaoping can completely meet the above treatment requirements. Its functions of clearing heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation, promoting qi and relieving pain, diuresis and purging lymph, anti-hyperplasia, anti-calcification, and anti-fibrosis effects can play a targeted therapeutic impact on chronic epididymitis.

Besides, Dr. Lee found that other male genitourinary diseases, such as chronic prostatitis mentioned above, can also cause chronic epididymitis through clinical observation.

It can help patients improve the internal environment of the urogenital system while treating chronic epididymitis to achieve the treatment of multiple genitourinary diseases. At the same time, no matter what factors lead to chronic epididymitis, this pill can completely cure it.

Although this pill can effectively treat chronic epididymitis, the therapeutic effect will be greatly reduced if patients ignore self-regulation. Therefore, pay attention to nursing methods to restore health as soon as possible.

1. Reasonable diet, avoid drinking

Epididymitis patients should avoid some stimulating food to prevent the recurrence of inflammation. In the daily diet, patients should eat more food rich in protein and vitamins to enhance their immunity and resistance, usually drink more water, and urinate more. Also, alcohol is the source of body heat and moisture and causes vasodilation, so patients with epididymitis should quit drinking alcohol.

2. Develop good work and rest habits, regular life

Due to the pressure of life and work, few people can develop good work and rest habits. Still, patients with epididymitis should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, never stay up all night and sitting for a long time. Also, to avoid increasing the epididymis burden, have a regular and moderate sex life.

3. Exercise properly and keep a steady state of mind

Proper exercise can enhance the physique, improve immunity, and release pressure so that they can maintain a stable state of mind, so patients with epididymitis can do some exercise appropriately, such as race walking, jogging, yoga, etc.

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