The wedding themes in India change with every season. And every time, it changes for something more bigger, better and new. Banquet hall managers nowadays themselves contemplate on how to keep things unique, chic and subtle.Some of the popular themes that dominate Indian weddings yet look absolutely mesmerizing are stated but in this course lets not forget in the desired for some newness of marriage themes execution is and will be forever the key.

Bollywood Wedding Themes
Bollywood wedding theme idea is also a preferable option for brides, grooms and other family relatives; here shimmery lehngas serve as the perfect outfit for the bride whereas grooms may opt for Bollywood themed Sherwanis. After this, you can ask the photographer to do a Bollywood themed pre wedding photo-shoot and then make a short film story enacting the story of the couple about how they met, how they fell in love etc. if not photographs same can be done as a live enactment by friends and families to make the event more memorable Other than this, one can name tables based on Bollywood movie themes rather than few boring numbers.
Bollywood is by far one of the most fun and out there theme, this is the kind of theme that everybody would enjoy. You can go all out with it or you can calm it down to your level, the variety of options in this particular theme are endless.

Fairytale Wedding Theme ideas
Brides and grooms seeking for a unique yet modern wedding theme should definitely go with fairytale wedding themes. Best thing about fairytale wedding theme idea is that every decor, along with wedding attire includes eye-catching color combinations with are light and soothing like blue and white and designs. Your bridesmaid could dress up, as different fairies from lovely fairy tales you grew up loving, friends or using their pictures can enact the story of the bride and groom as a fairy tale

Modern & Minimalistic
The modern wedding themes for summer are a blend of minimalism and simplicity. They are a balance of beauty and elegance that aims to create a totally new look. In such weddings, items like fairy lights, dream catchers, sofa, and flowers for decorating purposes are used. However, while planning for an Indian wedding, it is better to keep the decoration simple yet attractive.

Peacock Wedding Theme Designs
The birds wedding theme usually involves parrot, peacock or falcon designs. Various banquet halls in northwest Delhi like royal pepper banquets contemplate such ideas. Mostly families which like birds prefer this theme to decorate the banquet hall for the D-Day of the couple. The theme is quite popular as far as weddings in India are concerned. Along with the peacock decoration of wedding venues, wedding planners may choose this type of theme for bridal dresses and accessories. Especially, peacock-wedding theme in combination with elegant colors gives an outstanding look to the bride as well as the groom

The new shade card for the pastels is the happy blue, nice baby pink. The new style brings romance and elegance into the Indian wedding. All this accompanied by the use of unusual hues like pale yellow or mint keeps the style a minimalistic yet attractive.

Go back to the classic times with the vintage theme; it is really picturesque and fun to do. The little play of things and the setting seems very romantic and warm. You can put up a retro dress code and bring out the Madhubala and Dilip Kumar in everyone
About the Bold Bohemian wedding themes for 2016, it can only be said that with time, more fashionable clothes are being designed to suit specific requirements like Indian wedding events. In the Bohemian style, baby breaths, bold hues, sneakers, are a common appearance. In this style of wedding, the bride assumes a hipster like appearance with a big smile. This is a theme very common is western countries but yet to evolve in India.

Though royal may sound something very close to vintage but the look and feel of this theme is entirely different. Regal is something you cannot go wrong with, choose colours like purple or dark plum to bring out the mood.

This is something that might look easy but is very difficult; incorporate specific colors in your wedding décor. Color coordinates everything and just sees the magic unfold, everything will set into place better, it will look like way more effort than you have put into it.

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