Everyone knows about and probably regularly visits some type of membership site. Whether it be youtube, myspace, facebook, a forum, or something else, you're visiting a membership site. Many of these websites are worth millions, if not billions, of dollars. People love to waste time on their computers watching pointless videos or connecting with people that they hardly know.

The real power of making money through membership sites shows itself when you look into the simpler niches. Membership sites are unique in that you can charge a low fee and be almost sure that the average user will be subscribed for at least three months. That means that instead of charging a one time fee of $45, you charge $15 a month. Some users will stay members much longer if they like your service, but for the most part the average user will stay for three months (the same as setting a one-time fee).

The trick to running a successful small membership site is picking a unique and profitable niche. Unfortunately, with that alone you will fail to make almost anything. Running a good membership site requires conglomerates, credibility to your name, and of course experience. When first starting, you won't have any of this stuff (most likely).

If you wish to have any success in running a membership website, you'll need to learn from someone who is already fairly successful. Unfortunately doing this can be a painful and tedious task if you don't know where to start. The first thing I was taught when I got into membership sites was that if you don't love what you're writing about, you won't be able to keep doing it. Honestly, that is just a load of crap. If you see steady pay coming from a certain area, that will be enough to get you interested in it. It doesn't hurt to like what you write about though of course.

When you finally give in to your desire to learn more about membership sites, you'll want to download the free report named Secrets Of The Membership Millionaires. This report will teach you a lot about membership sites. You'll learn the biggest mistakes, outsourcing your writing, and even the reason that you shouldn't use your brilliant idea (just yet).

Many internet marketing professionals offer courses in making money in the internet. A select few of these focus directly on the topic of membership sites. Then from that group there is a couple that write out detailed packages that will take you from nothing to everything. One of the most respectable in the field, Cindy Battye, went from searching for coins in the couch to going on cruises and trips around the world. Of course you could make the biggest rookie mistake there is: not listen to any professionals and try to make a product and market it on your own. This is almost guaranteed to end in almost no revenue and no experience. Do yourself a favor and read the free report.

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