The value of our own healing

How much value do you place on your own wellbeing and healing? In these financially precarious times it is tempting to skimp on what can be seen to be a luxury. But skimping on healing or resenting paying for it defeat the purpose

Healing of any sort involves an exchange of energy. It was something Usui felt was paramount. It means that when we receive healing and we pay for it( in whatever form/to whatever value we can afford) then we place that value on our own healing.We say me,my body,my well being is worth this amount and I am prepared to invest that in myself. Strong in the belief- that money is energy and when we approach that energy with fear or need all we end up doing is push that very energy we want away from us. If we focus on lack- we attract lack.If we focus on how we cannot afford that massage, that treatment, we focus on not having that. But what if we said- yes this feels right, and I am confident that my needs will be met in funding this, I trust that the Universe will help me provide for this because my intention is to heal, to do myself some good. Now Im not saying re mortgage your house or go into debt for weekly treatments. Its about priorities. Sometimes in life we have to put others first and sometimes we get the overwhelming feeling that we are running on empty and need to tend to ourselves. When that time comes the most disrespectful thing you can do to yourself is start to then look for the cheapest option. What does that say about what worth you put on yourself? Save up, put aside £5 a week until you have enough. Sell those books you no longer read, consider doing a swap. What can you offer a practitioner that they may need? Can you repair something, offer them a discount on a service you provide and so on. Be truthful, speak from the heart and keep your intention to heal and doors will open. They may not be the ones you had in mind, but if you trust they are part of the healing journey its a good place to start.
The most important thing you can do is take care of yourself. We are spirit having a physical experience. So make sure you keep nurturing yourself along the way.Or the journey will seem gridlocked in rush hour and not an open freeway with the top down and some cool tunes playing- destination unknown!
Stay Blessed
Copyright Amber Agha

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Amber is a Reiki Healer and Intuitive living and working in London