The size of your ego will determine if you are ready to find success in your life. I know this sounds funny and I know what you are thinking but just hear me out. And it’s probably not what you are expecting to read...

People who have big egos don’t like to make mistakes because this makes them look bad. And people might pass judgment or laugh at them and this will hurt their egos and obviously they look bad. So if you have a big ego, your odds of finding success are not that good… Unless you know how to tone it down a bit.

And here’s why…

When you are on your road to success, you will make mistakes and lots of them. You will look like a fool from time to time and yes, people will talk behind your back! This will certainly affect you if you have a big ego. And if you’re anything like me, this may take some time to change.

I used to have a big ego! I didn’t like to make any mistakes. In fact, I would do anything to try and hide my mistakes so I would “look” good. But this would simply make the situation worse because I would sometimes look like an even bigger fool when people found out what I really did...

And guess what, because I did this, people talked even more behind my back!

I used to wonder why people found success in their lives and I couldn’t (you can learn more about me on my site And one of the big factors that I discovered was the size of my ego. The story I’m about to tell you is not about finding success in my life but the time when I was “searching” for success. Sometimes I wish I had discovered how to find success back then because life would have been a lot better!

I remember when I was a freshman in college working on a construction site before classes and on the weekends. I was a labourer doing these odd jobs to help the “professionals” do their jobs. On this particular day I was bringing cement to the guys working on the side walk. When the day was almost over I happened to step in the cement that the guys were finishing. But instead of telling them, I tried to fix it myself because I didn’t want to look like the “idiot labourer that doesn’t know anything”. (People who work in construction can relate…) Since I never finished cement before, I really didn’t know what to do… So I did my best to try and cover it up. Which wasn’t a good idea! When the foreman came to take a look at the work he clearly noticed the very bad-looking part of the side walk and started yelling at the guys. Obviously the guys didn’t know what he was talking about and all hell broke loose! That’s when I had to confess. And yes you guessed it: I didn’t work with that crew anymore. The guys hated me for a good reason and the foreman couldn’t trust me to work on any other project for the fear of me covering up something potentially worse!

You see if I would have accepted the fact I made a mistake and told someone from the start, I would have avoided a whole mess. Yes I would still have look like an “idiot” but I would have probably learned something. Maybe one of the guys would have shown me how to properly finish cement since it was only a small part or maybe I would have gained some respect from the guys by admitting my mistake. I’ll never know. But what I do know is that it would have been better than being fired and having these guys use me as the “don’t do that” example for everyone else that would work for them…

By toning down your ego, you’ll be able to make a mistake and learn from it, which is the way to go. And you’ll be far better off then someone who doesn’t want to make any mistake or worse, someone who doesn’t want to learn from it.

But if you can’t tone down your ego, then you’re on a very long path to try and find success in your life!

Before I end this article I just want to mention that there is a difference between confidence and ego. A big difference! Like I mentioned, your ego will determine how you’re going to react to a situation on your road to success but confidence will help you achieve anything you want in life by following the 6 secrets to success.

More on this in a later article…


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Marc-Andre Terriault, who is part of the Y generation is known for asking tough questions in order to find the answers for success in life. He has a college degree in Business Administration and has also spent lots of time and money educating himself in the real world.

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