Many of you will have read the book or seen the movie entitled the “SECRET”.

Actually what is taught is not a secret. It has been known for thousands of years by all religions and philosophical and spiritual groups that our beliefs, thoughts and emotions create our reality.

We have discussed in previous chapters the laws of attraction, mirroring and sympathetic vibration through which we manifest our personal, social and planetary reality. So how can we methodically create for ourselves, our families, society, and the planet the most abundant and satisfying reality possible?

Here is a basic resume of the method o attraction or manifestation.

The preparation:

1. Gratitude for our present abundance. The first step is to realize, as already mentioned, that we have already created a reality considerably more positive than 85% of our fellow souls on this planet. This can be realized by making a list of all that we can feel grateful for. Do not forget to include as many family members as possible. Also remember some things that we often take for granted, such as shelter from the elements, clothing, food, electricity, music, dance, nature, running clean water, heat, hot water and the freedom to move about without restrictions,. Include any appliances or machines that add comfort, effectiveness or creativity to your lives, including a car or computer etc. Remember that knowledge and education are not to be taken for granted. They, too, are gifts form the universe we can feel grateful for. Many cannot take for granted, eyesight, hearing, the ability to walk or use of their hands.

Take time to make your list now. Once you have done continue.

2. Having realized how much you already have leads to a number of realizations and feelings such as:
a. Feeling lucky, blessed and loved by the Divine or the universe which has given you all of what billions of your fellow souls have not been given.

b. The power of creation and manifestation. This is also a list of what you already created. Just as we need to take responsibility for creating whatever is not satisfying to us in our lives, we also need to realize that we have co-created with the Divine all that we feel grateful for.

c. Feeling loved, blessed, powerful and able to manifest in cooperation with the Divine or the Universe, we are now in a much more positive and confident position to make the adjustments and improvements in our reality that we now seek.

3. Now make a list of what you would like to change in our reality, including:
a. What you would like to improve such i.e. health, abundance or relationships.
b. What you would like to create anew such as a projects or goals for yourself or for others.
c. What you would like to alter stopping smoking or with eating less food etc.
d. How you would like to be, such as with greater self-confidence, love for others and ourselves, freedom from fears or selfishness or the ego.
e. Enlightenment, self-actualization.

4. Choose one to three most important goals from our list of goals to work on manifesting.

The Twelve step Manifestation Process.

Now you need to align yourself with what we want to attract / manifest.

1. Read your gratitude list daily for at least 30 days – preferably in the morning when you wake and or in the evening before you sleep. See if you can add something new to this list each day.

2. Make signs stating that your present goal (s) have already been achieved – in the present tense. Place these signs in various places where you will see them often throughout the day.

3. Do the following mental exercise daily one or more times.

a. Relax the body and mind by breathing slowly and deeply as you allow all of the muscles and the mind to relax. Imagine that you are inhaling peace and exhalation tension and tiredness.

b. Then allow your attention to flow from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head, allow all the muscles to relax as you do.

c. Then Count from 10 to 1 relaxing more and more deeply with each count.

d. Now bring to mind all that you already have and feel grateful for. Feel gratitude, happiness and peace that you have all that you have.

e. Feel loved and blessed by the universe.

f. Now visualize that your desired reality has already manifested. That you have exactly what you want, that you are as you would like to be and that your life is already as you would like it to be. Spend time feeling gratitude and happiness that your new reality has already manifested. Experience this newly created reality as strongly as possible, visualizing as many details as possible along with all of the positive emotions that you now feel because what you desire has become reality.

g. Spend some time allowing a spiritual light fill your body and mind removing any aspects of your subconscious that might resist this positive change in your life. Allow the divine to remove all inner obstacles to the manifestation of what is for your highest benefit.

h. Now spend a little more time visualizing your new life with this goal already achieved, dwelling on how you feel and how your attitudes and behaviors have now changed since you now have what you want or need.

i. Be sure to visualize only the end result of what you want to manifest and not limit yourself by imagining how it will happen or (even worse) how you cannot imagine how it can happen. Allow the universe to manage the how. Just let go of the how and trust that the universe knows the most appropriate way for you. Imagine only the end result.

4. Throughout the day, without necessarily going through all off this process, bring the image and feelings of having already created your desired reality to mind frequently. Do this whenever you feel fearful, helpless or discouraged. Do not allow the mind to focus on negative feelings, but rather bring to mind the feeling of already having what you need and want.

On the other hand do not fear, fight or become angry at your negative thoughts or feelings. Simply accept that they are a product of your old unenlightened programming that you received from a society in the process of evolution. Then simply move your attention to the feeling that what you want has already become a reality and feel all the positive feelings that accompany that thought.

5. You can increase your alignment with your “under construction” or “in the oven” reality by writing a detailed description of what it is like, how you feel and what has now changed in yourself and your life now that what you had wanted so long has actually become a reality. All of this must be described as a present reality not a future one. Focus on feelings. Read this too every day for at least 30 days. You can also rewrite is daily or as often as you like, expressing it each time as it comes to you. Reading aligns you to this reality, but writing aligns you even more.

6. Start doing now what you believe you will do when your desired reality is “completely constructed” or is “fully baked”. Check out your written or mental description and see how you imagine your thinking, behavior, habits and actions will have changed since you have your new reality. Consider making those changes now. When you act now as you imagine you will act when you have what you want, that aligns you deeply with that manifestation. Think creatively.

For example if you feel that you would help others economically if you had more money, then do so now, within your means. By giving to others, you are aligning yourself with the abundance of the universe.

7. Give what you would like to receive. In general we can manifest much more easily when we give what we want to receive or attract. If you would like more money, give some. If you would like more love, affection, attention, acceptance, caring, respect or support, then give them all and you will eventually receive what you give.

Some may say, “but I have been giving all my life and not receiving. I am the victim, the abused.” Many may feel this way, but if they investigate themselves deeply, they will realize that at some level they were also seeking to receive and that their giving was not totally free from needing. Also they might also discover that they have subconscious resistance to receiving what they consciously desire and need. This, however, is a subject for another chapter or book. For now let is suffice to say that giving what we want to attract is another way of aligning ourselves with what we seek to manifest.

8. Create a “vision board” where you pin or paste images, photos, cuttings, drawings, objects and texts that represent your goal and connect you to it visually. Place this where you can see it frequently. Spending time creating this visual representation connects to your goal and aligns you to it energetically as do the above-mentioned steps.

9. Wish and work for the good of the whole. Seek to help others in every way that you can. This aligns you with the power of the whole, which protects and supports those who care for and work for the whole. The main lesson of these “testing times” is whether or not we will choose love and unity, or continue in the path of separateness, selfishness and alienation that has created this crisis. I would suggest that at this stage in our evolutionary process the time has come to perceive all as members of our family and seek goals that benefit all and not only ourselves and our family. We may reflect on whether or not our goals are actually the highest ones we can conceive of. Whether they are really good for us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What is really good for us on all levels is always also good for the whole.

10. Speak and express yourself positively. Do not talk about what you do not like or want. Talking and emoting about we do not want only aligns us with exactly what we do not want. Do not talk about health, economic, work or relationship problems. Do not talk about fears, guilt or other negative emotions as you simply amplify them. Speak about what you like and enjoy and appreciate. This will bring more of that into your life.

Clarification: It is fine to speak about what is bothering you with someone who is able to professionally help you create another reality, such as a doctor, economic advisor or relationship counselor. These professionals will help you take responsibility for our present creation and support you in now manifesting the reality you desire. This is totally different from talking with your friends and relatives about your problems and getting their attention for your problems. This will only crystallize our present reality even further.

11. Take actions towards the manifestation of your goals. Even though you are leaving the how to the universe, there are always actions you can take in the present towards creating what you need. You make take classes or otherwise learn what you need to know. You may need to let go of something old in order receive something new. You may want let go of attachments that are sapping energy, money or time from your real goals at this time. You may want to ask for support from someone who can help you.

12. Remove all inner obstacles towards manifesting your desired reality. You may need to let go of some fears, feelings of unworthiness, victimization or helplessness or other – perhaps subconscious obstacles - that may be obstructing your new creation. This subconscious self-sabotage is called “self-sabotage” or “psychological reversal”. While we may consciously desire something very much, we may also subconsciously fear its manifestation or alternatively fear that we are not worthy of it or that we are unlucky and can never have it. In such a case, we will be broadcasting along with our above-mentioned positive images, thoughts and feelings, these subconscious result-canceling feelings and beliefs.

Suffice it to say here that will need to remove these inner obstacles in order to create our consciously desired reality. The most effective means for doing this are the various forms of energy psychology such as EFT, TAT, BSFF, TFT, EMDR, The Sedona Method and Ho’oponopono, which we will discuss later. You can also find introductory information about these at

This combination of dissolving inner obstacles and visualizing and aligning ourselves with our desired goal is a full proof method of success.

A word about “Soul decisions”

Some people wonder, “what if I am not supposed to have that,” or “what if God or my higher self does not want me to have that. What if I have a ‘karmic obstruction’ towards the manifestation of that goal?” Or they may think, “isn’t it better just to let God decide what I should have? Maybe I shouldn’t really ask for anything?”

We are divine beings who have projected our consciousness into these temporary bodies and minds. We are actually divine and worthy of all the good of this world. We are in fact creating our reality in cooperation with the Divine and our fellow beings. We are here to learn to create ever more positive realities that simulate the harmony, abundance and love, which characterize our true selves.

There is absolutely no reason why we do not deserve a wonderful and abundant reality. There is also no reason why “God” might not want us to have all that we desire. Christ has spoken about this when he said, “What Father would give stones to his children who are asking for food.” And, “why bother about tomorrow when God will give you everything you need as long as you live according to his laws.” (The laws of love and unity.)

The only obstacles towards our manifesting something that we desire as personalities are those we as souls may have chosen before our birth and even during our lives. As souls we may have chosen to learn certain inner lessons by not being able to satisfy some needs externally. If in fact as souls we have made such as decision, we may actually internally obstruct the manifestation of a goal until we can learn to feel security, self-worth, freedom, happiness and love for others and ourselves without that which we believe we must have. In other words we need to let go of our attachment to and dependence on what we are seeking to create before we can create it.

I know that this is confusing, because we have already mentioned that experiencing positive feelings about what we seek to manifest is essential to attracting it. This is true. But if we are also experiencing fear that we will not be able to create what we want or fear that we cannot be well until we do, this is a self-canceling energy that may obstruct what we want to manifest. This would be the case if we have made a soul decision to overcome the illusion that our self-worth, security or happiness are actually dependent on whether or not we get what we want. When we are attached in this way, we experience a wide variety of negative emotions such as:

1. Fear that we will not be able to get what we want.
2. Fear that even if we have it, we might lose it or someone might steal or take it from us.
3. Failure, self-rejection, shame and helplessness if we do not create it.
4. Jealousy and envy towards those who have what we want
5. Anger and hate towards those we consider to be the cause of our not getting what we want.

We need to understand that above and beyond all that we seek to create, our ultimate life purpose is to realize our own inner self-worth, security, peace, freedom, happiness and fulfillment. What can we possibly gain by having all that we want materially if that only increases the illusion that we cannot be well without all that and we never have a chancre to experience our true spiritual greatness? All of these external objects and situations will then only serve to increase our ignorance.

Thus, as strange as it might seem, we can manifest much more easily what we would love to enjoy when we also know that we can be worthy, safe and happy without it. For example, if you have chosen to learn to experience your own self-worth without external affirmation, acceptance or love, then you may have set up “spiritual agreements” with those souls, who are playing the roles of your family or other close ones, to withhold such affirmation until you learn this lesson so that you can realize your own self-worth and be free from the need for external verification.

Those who have made such a “soul decision” will have placed an obstacle to receiving external affirmation until they no longer need it in order to love themselves and others and live happy and creative lives. Once this lesson has been learned, the obstruction can be removed – especially with Ho’oponopono, and we can receive unlimited love, affirmation and even admiration, because we are not dependent on it any more and it no longer is an obstacle to our evolutionary process.

Some may have established a similar obstruction concerning money or material abundance or perhaps concerning support from others. Our soul decision (not God’s will for us – but our own will for us) may be to live without money until we can feel secure, peaceful, worthy and happy without it. Once we have learned that the obstacle is removed.

The solution then is to upgrade all attachments and addictions that are characterized by fear of not getting or of losing what we need, to preferences. A preference is something we want and give our energy to creating, but also know that we are and can be well without it. We choose to be with someone because we love and enjoy them, not because we have the illusion that we cannot feel worthy, secure or happy without them. This is an illusion. How can the other 6 billion souls on this earth be fine without this person we believe we cannot be well without?

Not all souls have made such soul decisions and thus may not have inner resistance to manifesting what they want. Some say that such soul contracts can also be removed but asking that they be. But the most effective means for moving past them is to learn the lessons that we set them there to learn from. Thus we need to experience our own inner power, security, self-worth, happiness and fulfillment while we simultaneously visualize our preferred reality and experience all of the positive emotions we have now that it has become our new reality.

In this way, we have many positive emotions about our new reality without any of the fears that are created by attachment, which is a negation of what we truly are.

The techniques of energy psychology are very effective for letting go of the fears created by attachment as are Ho’oponopono, meditation and the study of and employment of spiritual truths.

The field of all possibilities

All of creation comes forth from the “quantum field” or the “field of pure consciousness”, “the implicate order” according to David Bohm or the “field of pure potential” as expressed by Deepak Chopra. All that exists comes forth from nothing. Consciousness is formed into energy, which then becomes matter and its various interactions.

We can understand this with the example of our television or a movie projector. All the images on the TV screen are temporary formations of the one white formless light that remains on the screen even when no signals are forming it into temporary images. All images including the “good” and “bad” the peaceful and violent are simply mutations of that that one formless light,

In the same way, all of this manifest universe is a manifestation of the one universal conscious that we all comprise. Nothing exists that it not a manifestation of that one consciousness which is actually our true self. In is natural and logical then that, if we are able to experience that formless aspect of ourselves, that we will be in touch with the source of all the realities we seek to create – as they come from the same formless source.

Although this deserves a long and detailed explanation, we can just say here that we can enhance our creative power by daily experiencing that formless and thought-free part of our existence. This is usually done through meditation, where we allow our thoughts to slow down, perhaps by focusing on our breathing or some positive archetype or value. We then learn to focus on the space or emptiness between our thoughts. We might become aware of the silence, however small it might be, that is there when one thought has ended and before the next one comes into our mind. With practice we can learn to expand that space and experience pure consciousness without thoughts.

This is the space from which all becomes manifest. When we visualize what we seek to manifest from this state, our thought power is much greater. Imagine the difference between painting upon a canvas that is already painted on and one that is blank. Rather than visualize our preferred reality projected on an old limited one we learn to visualize our reality onto pure consciousness, which has no preexisting states or limits.

A new definition of abundance:

We need to expand out perception of abundance. Most people measure their abundance exclusively by how much money and possessions they have. These may to some degree contribute to our abundance but equally important are health, the ability to walk, listen and see, loving relationships, friendships, knowledge, meaningful work, human values, techniques, freedom of belief and expression, nature, the sun, flowers, music, dance and so many other aspects of our lives that make it abundant., meaningful and fulfilling.

Cultivate Happiness

Arrange your life so that you have ample opportunities to enjoy peaceful and happy moments. Leave time and space to laugh, sing, dance and share with loved ones. Specify times of sharing and enjoying together with your family and friends. This could mean eating together, singing, dancing, telling jokes and stories, watching comedies on TV, walking in nature, swimming, shopping, going out together.

You can also enjoy time alone reading, listening to music, resting, walking, meditating, exercising walking, praying, painting, writing, working in the garden or any other enjoyable or creative activity that appeals to you.

There is no reason why during “testing times”, we cannot enjoy ourselves, and laugh and be as happy as any other time. That is part of our lesson – being happy in all situations.

Happiness will then become a habit and we will attract much more from the universe than we will with sadness, anxiety, bitterness or fear.

Please go over the twelve-step manifestation process and employ it now for that which you would like to manifest now in your life.

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