Let’s talk about time. And the constant shortage of it.
I’m hearing a lot about the lack of time. Not only from my friends, clients, acquaintances, but also form the voices in my own head. It seems we get really stressed up about this time issue. And according to us, we would be so much farther along and in better places if it wasn’t for that time that doesn’t want to cooperate.

So lets take a good look and take it for what it is.
Any statement about the lack of time is a paradox, or putting it more bluntly - a lie. Because in reality there is plenty of time. Time is always there by our side. It never goes away. All we have is time. All we have is the now. The past is gone; the future is not here yet. So we can’t live in the past or the future, we can only be in the now. And we have a choice what to do and how to be in the now.

So where are our complaints about the lack of time coming from? Maybe we are trying to do too many things in a day? Maybe we desperately want to play too many roles in our lives? Or worse yet, play several of them at once? I certainly have been guilty of that – taking care of my children and trying to read and respond to my business emails at the same time. As the result, none was accomplished well.

What is really hiding behind our perception of the lack of time? The truth is that we think we should be somewhere else, somewhere farther along the process of our lives, our businesses. We have a problem accepting and loving where we are and who we are at this moment. We forget that all we have is the now and we like to think that we will be better people and in better places in the future. And we simply won’t be. We will be the same magnificent souls we are today, at this very moment. Our life is NOW. And right now we are where we are because this is just the perfect place for us.

So whenever you catch yourself complaining about the lack of time, whenever you rush, whenever you are impatient, stop and ask yourself what part of yourself and what part of the Universe you are resisting. And what would happen if you stopped resisting? The only way to deal with your unwillingness to accept and love what is is to look at it. And just taking a kind look at it strips it of its powers.

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