As the workplace continues to get cramped with undervalued employees and the commutes tend to feel longer than they ever did before, working from home is beginning to become common place. Whether you are working for yourself or your company allows you to work from the comfort of your home office, the benefits to working from home are quickly increasing. Whether it's cutting down your commute time, being your own boss or increasing your flexibility, the benefits to establishing a business from your home seem endless.

The cost of daycare and gas have rapidly increased over the past year. Many families are struggling to make ends meet while searching for a reasonably priced day care center that will take their children for as long as they are at work. Some day care centers will not care for children after 6 p.m., for example. Parents may still be on their commute home at this point. Juggling home life and work life has never been so complicated.

Working from home, can mean being your own boss. There is no one looking over your shoulder on a daily basis and you do not have to face a temperamental superior who takes your work for granted. You set your own target goals and determine which projects you would like to take and which you can do without. Even if you are telecommuting, you no longer need to run to last minute meetings during your lunch break.

The flexibility of working from home is priceless. If your child falls ill at school, or you wish to enjoy a sunny day outdoors, you have the flexibility and thus, the ability, to take in the sunshine whenever you wish. Especially if you work for yourself, you can create your own hours, depending on client requirements and time zones. The added benefit to a home office is the ability to create your own vacation time.

If you work for yourself or telecommute for a company, working from home provides you with the flexibility to attend to personal matters when you need to, break for lunch when you wish and not feel guilty if you need to take a sick day.

Another benefit to working from home? You can enjoy the comforts of home all day long! The headache of commuting is removed. You no longer need to tolerate cramped public transportation or see your bank account dissipate to the high cost of gas. You can also more easily establish a work/life balance without feeling like you have to make comprises. So many parents feel pressured to rush home after a long day in the office. Of course, working from home also means you can wear comfortable clothing, erasing the expensive business clothes from your closet.

With the rise of job stress, lack of office space, and the increased pressures of commuting, choosing to work from home provides endless benefits. If you are telecommuting or running your own business, technology has allowed us to enjoy the presence of family, and the home life we already work so hard to achieve.

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