Having a green lifestyle in general is very important to most of us, so why not take it a step further and make sure that your dating lifestyle is also green.

Here are 10 great, green dating ideas:

Green Volunteerism! Spend time learning and talking about causes or issues that are most important to you and your date/mate. You both are most likely to be inspired, turned on, and energized, by volunteering for something you believe in. For example, look in your neighborhood newspaper together and find out when local organizations are doing habitat restoration projects, feeding the homeless or having a fundraising dinner for the local environmental agency. Start locally and as the relationship evolves, you can expand your volunteering together, nationally or globally.
Plan a green camping trip. Leave the city, phones, computers, ipods behind, and embrace nature. Quiet time spent in the woods promotes deep conversation and getting to know one another. Don’t use plastic or paper throw-away products and do dishes together out of a sudsy bucket using green, biodegradable dishwashing soap. Play a game of sexy strip poker by candle light. Try some constellation identification and bring a musical instrument to play at night (even if you don’t know how to play!).
Bike or walk to a community festival or fair. Paint each others’ faces with plant-based paints, flirt with each other as you sway to the sounds of local music.
Learn about the indigenous people in your area. Research the natural history of your community together. For example, take a hike and focus only on medicinal or edible plants, or research and attend a local, Native American powwow.
Romance with candlelight and poetry. Bring a blanket, find a quiet spot (even your living room floor will do) and read excerpts from one of America’s first green poets, Henry David Thoreau. Share with each other what inspires and touches you.
Make homemade artwork together. Use recycled paper and natural plant dyes to make one of a kind, green works of art. Use in a scrapbook with your first date pictures or write romantic love letters on.
Organic wine tasting. Take your hybrid car to your nearest organic wine tasting event. Sample and support the work of sustainable and green agriculture. If you’d like, book at the nearest Bed and Breakfast within walking distance. Spend time in nature with a bottle of wine from your favorite organic vineyard and listen to a stream or go for a relaxing hike.
Get dressed up and head out to your local car dealerships. Test drive and research all the hybrids and/or electric vehicles available. After working up an appetite, end the night at your favorite organic restaurant. Remember to bring your own “to-go” container!
Have a green summer party! Introduce your special someone to your friends and family, and show them what you stand for by being green. BBQ with 100% natural, additive-free charcoal (try Cowboy Charcoal or Greenlink Charcoal) or use gas or electric for a more environmentally friendly option. Choose organic, free range meats or go vegetarian. Portabella mushrooms are a great burger substitute! Use regular dishes, glass cups and cloth napkins. Go to a thrift store and buy an extra set of cheap dishes and napkins just for BBQ’s and casual parties. Play games like bochi ball on a grass lawn or charades.
Go on a hike and picnic. Pack a couple of backpacks with an organic gourmet lunch for two. Use Camelbacks if you are going on a more strenuous hike (backpacks with water bladders and drinking tubes). When you reach your destination, find a nice rock to sit on and whip out the picnic. Feed each other grapes, mangos and organic, ginger beer. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature and each other’s company. If there is a lake, ocean or stream, take a dip and lie in the sun.

Have fun!

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