Selling can be a nerve racking experience for most people. The sales process has many dips and curves that can leave you at a loss for words, feeling shaky and unconfident. To effectively communicate in sales, you must have an ironclad confidence and the ability to think on your feet. Sounds simple enough, right? But what’s stopping you? I have identified the three leading causes of sales discomfort and fear that prevent professionals from clearly communicating their message. I would like to share them with you now, and provide you with tips to overcome these issues.

1)The “used car salesman syndrome.”

This is perhaps the most common fear for sales professionals. The used car salesman syndrome is a deeply rooted fear that was given to you the day you had your first bad sales experience at the hands of an amateur sales person. You may have been misled, taken advantage of, or completely scammed. The feelings from the aftermath of such an encounter can stay with you for years. As you embark on your journey as a salesperson you may find this fear present in your subconscious every time you hold back from sharing or expressing an opinion, up-selling or cross-selling, or providing a solution which may match up best for your client even though it might be pricer then you’re comfortable sharing.

To overcome this fear, think back and write out one to three of the worst sales experiences you have ever had. What were they? When were they? How did you feel before, during, and after them? Then, create a list of qualities you believe a true selling professional should embody and the key characteristics a professional who sells from the heart and has the highest integrity should have. The next step is to create a list of characteristics that you embody as a salesperson. Finally create a list of characteristics that were present in each of the negative sales experiences and compare the results of what is sure to be the “Amateur sales professional” and you. At that point, you can make a clear difference in your mind between what makes an amateur and what makes you a pro. If "everything is sales", as many say, the difference comes down to your choice to be a professional. Once you have made the decision in your mind and strive to live up to the characteristics you have listed as a professional, your confidence will sky rocket to heights not seen before.

2)Promotion and bragging are bad

Do any of the following sound familiar to you? “It is improper to talk about ones self” - “Never toot your own horn, If you do a good job people will notice” Or this classic, “Modesty is a virtue”. Too many of us are held back by this set of programming often given by someone close to us. Many of us have heard “be a nice little girl or boy - don’t be loud, and stay in the background”. WOW! That is powerful stuff to be taught early on. How are phrases like those above holding you back from communicating your sales message? The fact is, in this highly competitive marketplace where products and services seems to become commodities in an instant, it’s important to express your key differences. We both know that you have something in your heart that makes you incredibly different.

The best way to overcome this fear is to realize you have something unique to offer your prospect, and to not share it completely to best serve them is a selfish act. I realize how harsh that sounds. However, if you’re focused on you and the programming you received when you were younger you simply cannot be fully present with your prospects. Without being present, you will be unable to listen to your prospect to best solve his or her problem and that is simply not respecting yourself or them. By holding back your genius, you force the prospect to put you in a commodity category making you no different then anyone else and the issue just becomes about price and not your ability to shine. Show off what makes you so awesome and deserving of the premium price you’re worth. You deserve it. Need more help? Create a list of your best qualities and ask your colleagues and current customers to add to that list. Once you have that list never be afraid to use it. You won’t be bragging or doing anything wrong. You will just be telling the truth about yourself to your prospect so they know both who and what to expect when they sign the deal with you.

3)A lack of systematization

Have you ever been at a loss for words in a sales situation? Or perhaps you feel like you’re always re-inventing the wheel with each new sales meeting? The final block preventing you from effectively communicating your sales message is the lack of a sales system. The benefit of having a system you follow time after time is that it will help eliminate surprises and more importantly, it will keep you present with your prospect rather then listening for small tidbits of information and then thinking 3 or 4 steps ahead so you’ll know what to say, thus breaking the connection with your prospect.

Having a system will help you guide your prospect gently from one stage to the next while softly getting the information you need in order to properly assist them. No more jumping around getting surprised. Eliminate those long uncomfortable pauses you have because you forgot where you were going or don’t know where to go next. Creating a basic system is simple but not necessarily easy. The first step is to create an outline or map of how the ideal sales meeting should flow. Determine when discussion of money, budget, decision, etc. should take place. The next step is to start creating a list of questions you wish you would always ask in a meeting but somehow seem to forget when the pressure is on. The final step is to track what works and keep it. Add new content as needed and then throw out what’s not working. You will never lose focus, be at a loss for words, or feel off balance at a sales meeting again.

Selling can truly be one of the most fun forms of communication you have. When you break it down, it’s simply a chance to talk about your dreams and gifts. Then, you just need to find a partner who would like to join you on the ride. As compensation for them joining you on this ride, their life, business, health, or family will change for the better. Remember, there is always a fair exchange taking place. You both can and will always win. By utilizing the tips above, you will be able to let your professionalism shine, clearly communicate your message with confidence, and feel absolute self worth each and every time. Go out find your new riding partners because nothing can stop you now.

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Antonio Guerrero is the founder and creator of Enlightened Selling. Enlightened Selling is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, coaches, wellness practitioners, and network marketers- who hate sales and are struggling to reach their sales goals develop a systematic approach to selling from their heart and highest integrity. With Enlightened Selling you will develop million dollar language, obtain leverage, cut your sales time in half, and build high performance sales teams. To obtain a free copy of the popular tip filled newsletter “The Monday Moment of Sales Enlightenment” visit today and sign up.