In order to have a successful business, you have to have a solid foundation. The types of systems you have in place support that foundation. Without a strong foundation, success is fleeting at best. Without systems, you will waste precious time, money and energy. In every business, especially service-oriented businesses, there are certain needs. The need for an extremely solid foundation is key to your success.

A business has more likelihood to be wildly successful when using the three-prong approach of The Success Triangle™.

The Success Triangle™ is a three-prong approach to business success. It is designed for sales professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anyone who handles customers who seek proven strategies for success.

The triangle consists of your Product, Internal and External Marketing, and your Sales Call and Sales Presentation.

All activities are inter-related and the bottom line relies on understanding that not one of these three areas can stand alone.

First and foremost, you must have a stellar Product and/or Service. Without a good Product or Service, you may attract customers to your place of business, but they may not turn into repeat customers.

Once you have a stellar Product and/or Service, it is time to focus on Internal Marketing. Internal Marketing is what people see, feel, and touch when they come to your place of business. In essence, Internal Marketing bombards their senses.

This includes your place of business; the appearance of your office and how it feels, location and cleanliness. Internal Marketing includes the way customers are handled, what they experience when they enter your office or place of business and what is flooding their senses, right down to the way your employees speak to them.

For a remote location business that deals with clients primarily by phone, Internal Marketing would be the experience the person has when they call your company or visit your website. Internal Marketing creates the customer experience.

External Marketing is exactly as it sounds. External Marketing is what you do to encourage people to visit your place of business. It is what you do with “after profit” dollars to attract new customers. It is what you do to position yourself in the marketplace.

There are dozens, even hundreds, of ways to do External Marketing. Before you spend a lot of money on External Marketing, make sure your Product/Service and Internal Marketing are in place and systemized at a high level. Otherwise, you might increase the foot traffic and inquiries to your business and not be able to deliver a good Product or Service or create the kind of experience your customers would be looking for to generate repeat business or referrals.

It is the combination of Product/Service, Internal Marketing and External Marketing that creates a wildly successful business. In addition to having a stellar Product and/or Service, Internal and External Marketing are the Systemized Sales Call and the Systemized Sales Presentation.

By having a systemized Sales Call and a Systemized Sales Presentation, you can ensure a higher closure rate. This will maximize the rate of return on the dollars spent on your Product, Internal Marketing and External Marketing.

Systemized Sales Presentations are what you say or do with your customer to help them to say YES to the Products or Services they want or need. Basically, the Systemized Sales Call is your customer encounter. It is the way you deal with your customer: meeting, greeting, selling, and departing from him or her.

Just as there is a relationship between your Product, Internal Marketing and External Marketing to each other, there is also a relationship between the Systemized Sales Presentation and the Systemized Sales Call to each other and to the Product, Internal Marketing and External Marketing. The base drives the top. If you are effective in your Sales Presentation and your Sales Call, then your dollars spent on Product, Internal Marketing and External Marketing are going to have a greater return.

If you are doing a systemized, effective Sales Call, you will create trust and confidence. By building trust and confidence, when you do your Systemized Sales Presentation you have a greater chance of the customer saying yes to the Products and Services they want or need.

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Dr. Joe Capista is the owner of Williamsburg Dental, a multi-million dollar dental practice located in Broomall, Pennsylvania. Dr. Capista is a sought after keynote speaker who shares insights into what it takes to achieve Total Success. Access his free eBook, Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business by visiting