Following a system is important when you are on your road to success. It’s what guides you to make sure you are on the right track. Now, following a system is not one of the 6 secrets I teach because the 6 secrets to success are themselves part of a system. (more information on the 6 secrets to success on this link It’s a system that shows you what you need to do to find success in your life.

But as you follow the 6 secrets to success, you’ll actually need to follow another system to help you accomplish all of your goals…

Allow me to explain

The 6 secrets to success will guide you in a whole… But let’s say you decided to run a marathon. You’ll need to follow a specific routine in order to train your body to run the marathon and achieve your goals and the 6 secrets to success will make sure that you are on the right path... Now I’m not a certified trainer but I’m guessing you’ll need to run at least a few times during the week to build your cardio and you’ll also need to do some strength training to build your muscles…

But what you need to keep in mind is that following a system has to go hand in hand with your goals.

If you are training for a marathon, I’m certain you won’t go out and run sprints every day and you won’t do a bodybuilder’s workout at the gym. If you do, then you are not following the right system for your goal and ultimately you are wasting your time.

Another important aspect about following a system involves not jumping from one system to another.

Let’s say this time you want a black belt in martial arts. So you decide to get a black belt in Judo. But after a year or so you decide that you should get a black belt in Karate instead, and after spending some time in Karate, you think that jiu jitsu might be better…

By doing this you’re again wasting a lot of time and you’ll eventually quit!

Finding a system is not easy. But sticking to one is just as hard sometimes. There’s a lot of information out there. You need to educate yourself (which is one of the 6 secrets to success, to find out which one is best for you!

You know what, why don’t we go over the 6 secrets to give you an idea of how a system works… (Now keep in mind that the 6 secrets to success are easily named but hard to master)

Here’s the 6 Secrets to Success System:

• Take action - decide right now that you want to find success
• Education – You need to learn what you are going to do (you can’t just jump in…)
• Road map and setting goals – You need to know were you want to go (road map) and how to get there (goals)
• Imitating success people – Monkey see monkey do, you need to do what success people have done
• Change the way you think – People that have success in life think in a different way, Napoleon Hill said: “What the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve”
• Believe in yourself – Nobody else is going to do it for you! You need to believe in yourself if you want to find success in your life.

I strongly recommend applying the 6 secrets to success which will ultimately help you follow any other system you need to follow in order to find success in life.


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Author's Bio: 

Marc-Andre Terriault, who is part of the Y generation is known for asking tough questions in order to find the answers for success in life. He has a college degree in Business Administration and has also spent lots of time and money educating himself in the real world.

As a real estate investor, Marc-Andre has discovered six secrets that anyone can follow in order to find success in their lives, whatever their definition of success may be. That’s one of the biggest reasons why he wrote his e-book titled “It Starts Here: Discover How You Can Find Success in Your Life.” He wants to make sure that he reaches as many people as he can in order to help them find what he calls their “road map to success.”

He loves to learn the accomplishments of successful people and educate others about how they too can obtain the same success