Have you ever found yourself coming accross a blog post you just had to comment on without exploding?

I was doing my regular blog searches, and came across one of those, “ask the expert” questions.

The problem:
Depressed, out of work, lack of family support, financial devastation, health concerns, general stress about every element of life.

OK – not so unfamiliar to most of us in today’s upside down world.
I think this is the story of everyone’s life…

Telling any person in that circumstance to just “think” positive is like…

Going into your local mental institution, calling everyone to attention, and yelling, “ok you people – straighten up!”

The only way to feel change is to be change. How?

1.Get around people who have the change you want – any 12 step program helps that.

2.Get around people who need more than you – volunteer at any soup kitchen or old age home for that.

3.Keep the focus on yourself – can’t change anyone but you – and doing that is a full time job.

4.Rely on a greater wisdom than yourself – God – through prayer. Must pray and connect to hear anything – especially peace.

5.And definitely get a good mentor, therapist or coach who will help you stop wasting time reinventing the wheel, and focus on a new travel plan to destination happiness.

Remember, no matter how good or bad this moment feels, “this too shall pass.”


Author's Bio: 

Deb Scott is a motivation and lifestyle consultant, specializing in working with business and corporate environments to transform poor interpersonal dynamics and low-energy groups into high-powered, successful, dynamic teams. A biology major in college, Deb became an award-winning sales and leadership specialist with 20 years of background in cardiac surgery sales. Now she applies her sales and business background to motivational speaking and consulting in the fields of sales, marketing, advertising, hiring, and teambuilding. “The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue – Turning Your Upside-Down World Right-Side-Up!” is her first book.
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