Before applying the secrets of success, one must understand what they are. This article is not focused on actually outlining and explaining in detail what the secrets of success are – its purpose is to demonstrate how they are applicable to any of our goals, pursuits, and dreams in life. Below I have listed the secrets of success; however, to learn more and get a detailed understanding about each principle, please read my blog entry entitled: “The Secrets for Success: How to Accomplish Your Goals & Dreams.”

- Put God & Family First
- Desire Success
- Dream Big, Think Big, & Think Differently
- Believe in Yourself & Believe Your Dreams Are Possible
- Eliminate the Voices of Fear & Doubt … Continually
- Completely Commit & Be Totally Determined
- Establish an Organized Plan & Goals
- Take Action Now & Work Hard
- Learn From & Get Up After Failures
- Persist Always & Never Quit

These principles are the requirements, attributes, and actions necessary in order to accomplish success in life. They apply to any situation, and to every individual! However, learning about and understanding these secrets is relatively simple; the difficulty is implementing them. And yet, when they are understood and applied, they literally are the formula to accomplish any of our goals, pursuits, or dreams.

Below I have listed several goals, situations, and pursuits from various categories and areas of life that are applicable to everyone. As you will see, your potential and success in any endeavor is determined by you alone. The realization of your goals is not solely determined by circumstance or location, ability or knowledge, money or family heritage, others, or even race or gender. The secrets of success are attributes and actions that can be learned and implemented by everyone and are applicable to any goal or pursuit; thus, you literally can become and accomplish anything in life – it is up to you!

1)Eat Healthy & Exercise: How much longer will we as a culture continue to believe that the latest diet, surgery, gym membership, or pill is the solution to our poor nutritional choices and lack of exercise routine? Eating healthy and exercising regularly is and always has been the answer, and all the other fake substitutes are no more then a temporary solution to a lazy habit. The reality is that the secrets of success are actually the formula for losing weight and staying in shape. For example, if one truly desires to lose weight and believes it is possible (and believes in themselves), they will commit and do whatever action and effort necessary to accomplish their goal. Will it be hard? Of course. But the committed individual doesn’t set a goal and stick to it for a week, they stick to it forever! Will fear, doubts, criticisms, and possible failures occur? Always. But the individual who persists and does not quit in their daily healthy eating habits and exercising routine – whether it takes two months or two years – they will succeed!

2)Career Growth: Advancement within a job, company, or career is based much more upon the secrets of success than it is the traditional route our culture commonly and mistakenly believes. For example, how often have you personally been guilty of thinking that your potential and advancement is determined by networking or connections, the perfect opportunity at the right time, a better prepared resume, unethical practices in order to get recognized, becoming ‘buds’ with the boss, advanced degrees or certificates earned, or even years on the job? Each of these certainly is important and has its place (excluding the unethical practices); however, what people often fail to realize is that these situations are secondary to one’s desire, belief, and work ethic.

3)Academic Pursuits: First of all, never fall victim to the fallacy that your GPA, major or emphasis studied, standardized test scores, name of the institution attended, or even the degrees you earned (or did not earn) somehow dictate or determine your potential. If the accomplishment of any goal is based upon these foundational principles that entail the secrets of success, then certainly developing the ability to read, write, study, memorize, retain, present, test well, and intellectually and academically excel must be based upon the same foundational success principles.

4)Spiritual Development: Do not ignorantly assume that these principles apply only to matters of physical or temporal conditions. In order to develop character, pray effectively, worship meaningfully, endure faithfully, and progress spiritually – we absolutely must apply these same principles. Scripturally, belief is faith, action is works, and persistence is enduring to the end.

5)Entrepreneurial Ventures: Often what holds people back from taking risks is not necessarily fear – it is the excuse that they do not have the time, knowledge, or money to pursue their goal or dream. Anybody who is truly desirous for and committed to accomplishing their goal will make time, obtain the necessary knowledge, and will realize that acquiring wealth does not always require having money initially. Successful entrepreneurs are not born with increased talent or brains, they succeed because they are willing to take risks, they learn from and persist after failures, the overcome the voices of fear and doubt in their mind, they take daily action and they never quit.

6)Social Abilities: If these principles apply to anything, then why would they not apply to even the development and improvement of our social abilities? Thus, the ability to make friends can be developed, the fear of public speaking can be overcome, relationships that have been ruined can be fixed, a lack of self esteem can be improved, feeling comfortable in social settings can be learned, interacting with and approaching others can be done confidently, and a deficiency in verbal and non-verbal communication skills can be mastered. Will developing these abilities be hard? Extremely. Will it take time to learn, improve, and change? Of course. Is it possible? Absolutely!

7)Quitting Addictions & Habits: Are you addicted to drugs, alcohol, pornography, tobacco, video games, etc? Do you have any bad habits that you are desirous to be rid of, or even trying to break currently? Don’t get me wrong, the various addiction recovery groups, cigarette patches, community programs, and self-help books are extremely helpful; but by themselves, they can not produce the necessary change unless they are combined with an individual’s strong desire, belief that it is possible, faith in oneself, daily action, overcoming doubts, and persisting and never quitting until the goal has been accomplished.

8)Financial Management & Wealth Accumulation: Decide now to forever rid yourself of excuses. Your poor financial situation is not the result of family upbringing, lack of education, high interest rates, dishonest brokers or companies, or inability to access funds. Most likely it is the result of terrible budgeting, an inability to save, a lack of discipline to go without, poor judgment in determining needs vs. wants, and a lack of effort to change your situation. In addition, your financial future is not determined by an accountant, 401(k) account, the stock market, rich uncle, wise broker, or success on the job. You determine and create your potential – and wealth! The ability to develop financial discipline is more important than budgets or accounting software. Your potential to become wealthy is based upon desire, belief, and work ethic – not an industry, company, or position. Your own drive and initiative is of far greater value than the advice given by a greedy broker. Your financial situation and future is created and determined by you, and is enhanced by applying the very secrets of success!

9)Overcoming Challenges: Hospitals are filled, pharmacies are stocked, bookstores are loaded, clinics are full, stores are overflowing, and websites are abundant with information and products that supposedly have the solution to every problem we encounter in life. Whether it is dealing with depression, sickness or injury, disability, lack of self-esteem, marriage or relationship problems, loneliness, minority set-backs, financial hardships, or even stress – the solution always seems to be in some new product, pill, book, program, doctor’s advice, or latest research. Don’t get me wrong, each of these institutions and sources provide tremendous value and certainly have their place; but they fail to educate and provide their consumers with the necessary knowledge, attributes, and actions required to overcome any of the aforementioned challenges we all face. The ability to control one’s thoughts is just as important as the pill used to cure depression. The ability to think big is far more liberating and empowering to one with a disability than any wheelchair or crutch. Dealing with stress or a lack of self-esteem requires belief and consistent action – much more than popping a pill. And the list could go on and on. Is it not obvious that the secrets of success apply even to the ability to deal with and overcome the challenges of life?

Above are listed only 9 examples of the hundreds of situations, pursuits, and goals we each face and have in our lives. The reality is that the secrets of success apply to any situation and pursuit in life – whether it is breaking the chains of poverty, to becoming a professional athlete, to developing a talent, to learning how to sing or play an instrument, to dealing with death or difficulties – these foundational elements that form the secrets of success are the necessary attributes and actions required to accomplish any of our goals, pursuits, challenges, and dreams in life. And they apply to everyone, to every situation, and to every goal!

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