Affiliate marketing is the best opportunity for anyone looking to start an online business. All you need is an access to the Internet and a computer. Since these programs are free to join, you have nothing to lose.

Although gurus want to make you believe that you will make money in less than fifteen minutes from the time you sign up with their affiliate program, the reality is different. In fact, ninety five percent of the newbies who try to make money as an affiliate will fail and quit before they can make $1000.

Why beginners fail miserably to earn any money?

1. More an more competition

Thousands and thousands of people are desperately searching for a way to quit their day job. Many of them will start affiliate marketing because of the low risk associated to this form of online marketing.

It becomes really difficult for new affiliates to stand out from the crowd. Let's take an example. You just registered for a "dog training" affiliate program, and you buy a solo ad in a big ezine in your niche.

If someone already advertised in this ezine with the same products, chances are that many of them already bought the product.

Let's take another example. Search engine optimization. You created your web page and tried to get a top 10 rankings for the keyword "dog training". The problem is that there are hundreds and hundreds of dog training website and to get this top ranking, you will have to put extra efforts.

Now let's have a look at pay per click advertising. Want to get on the top eight AdWords ads at the top at the page? A couple of years ago, it was easy, but today you need to spend thousands of dollars a month to be able to compete with other affiliates.

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