Thoughts about “The Secret” by Christopher D'Orta

It is quite possible that you have seen the movie (or read the book) The Secret. I will tell you a little secret about the movie The Secret. The secret they are discussing in this movie is no secret at all. In fact, if you learn the secret well and apply it, you may find that the consequences are not as glorious as the movie claims. The unveiled secrets, that the movie makes espouses, are not secrets; these secrets are multiple labyrinth-like passageways to hell.

A secret is something that is never ever kept from anyone if it comes from one's source-God. Why would God hide his bounty-fullness to you? Why would He not bestow it upon you automatically without you needing you to beg plead or beseech? To manipulate a playground, called the universe, as it was some kind of toy of the mind, is a grandiose fabrication of a crazy ego. I do not have to manipulate myself to find myself. I am all; I am love; I am complete; I am whole. I need do nothing but realize who I am to have all because I am all. I do not need some movie to tell me some secret to acquire something that I already am. And I certainly do not need to find my way to be in the "in" crowd, and use sneaky subterfuge trickery chicanery to get what THINK-‘want.’

The God of the movie kind of sneaky isn't he? You figure out His little keys, find them hid sneakily in the nooks and crannies of the universe, almost like a child's computer game, you can open up the door is to this wonderful universe, and be granted entry into the chamber of the gilded, granted and given anything your mind can conjure. Isn't it all so grand? Grand for the damned. Unsound for the found. Your choice.

I'm not so keen of that particular god, or that universe, or that secret system, nor do I really think I want to figure out the secrets; Keep it. Keep the movie too. You may keep the profits made from the movie as well. Keep the whole thing. It's yours-if you want it. I have a better idea:

I will digress for a moment and share a real secret with you: Hug yourself, your family, neighbors, and even strangers. You will feel better. Be nice. It costs nothing. Do something for someone today - anything. And look for no reward. Be nice, warm, and pleasant as much as you can. In spite of your circumstances, keep a positive perspective and share as much as you can. Let your heart and soul be real. And be real. Do not let society tell you what you should be, do, say, feel, or anything else. De-program the ego-programming. Know that the world is an insane asylum inhabited by insane people, but see through their insanity and love them anyway. Face it-do you really see any sanity in this world? Who do you know that is truly sane? Why do you look to the insane for sanity? What does that make you? Sane or insane?

Face your-self and love yourself, in spite of whatever dark thoughts you have imagined about yourself. Love all of you, light and dark.

The movie belies another fact: no matter what "secrets" you learn, and no matter how much you "win" over others through these secrets, you will die anyway, INEVITABLY.

Secret? Truth is no secret. How to find TRUTH? Do so without any pre-conceived notions, learned New Age beliefs, religiosity, or anything else that man (ego) teaches man. STOP READING BOOKS CREATED BY PEOPLE. They are tricks and deceptive traps of the ego.

Only spirit can teach.

What would a loving Spirit, such as Jesus, tell you? Just be human and know your mortality. Know that you can be snatched from this world at any time. Live now. Do it now. Walk into your magnificence, now. Love, now! Ah, now there is a secret! I did not hide it from you now did I? In fact no one and nothing ever did. You did! From yourself! The joke is on you. And it is only a joke. Do not take it too gravely. Laugh. It's all a hoot, so enjoy!

The secret has always been right in front of you, and the truth inside of you. All you need do is think about how you feel. Tell me something my friend-when have you ever felt joy when you are not being loving? Ever? Nope. Hmmm. There is a little secret there I believe. Be loving, feel good. Simple enough. Be unloving, feel bad. Want to be in, or "go" to heaven? Be loving. Want to be in or go to hell? Be unloving. I must make it clear- I'm not speaking about the fairy tell heaven and hell in the collective conflicting and battling belief systems and Bibles of the world. I am speaking about the Heaven and hell that you experienced right here and now. The ego's illusion created an illusionary hell; God's truth never changed; it is eternal heaven.

So what does this movie The Secret have to offer you? What is this new secret that is being bantered about through this movie? The secret allegedly is about how we can get more of what we want before anyone else discovers the secret. Join us winners before all the losers find out the secret and is not enough to go around! Join the winners club. Become a winner. Do not be a loser. Winners are better than losers. It is all the ego’s little trick-create more fear. Fear begets a sense of seperation, not oneness. And that separation creates more fear. From that fear stems more feelings of what you want (lack) and MUST have-get (manipulate) to suppress that fear. And as an attempt to suppress the fear you will also look for more secrets from more movies books tapes seminars to fill in the self-created inner holes and gaps, and in the circle completes itself by needing to suppress the fear that the ego creates once again. It is truly a circuitous never ending vortex into hell. That is what the little secret the movie is telling you.
What is wrong with this? Everything.

Despite the light that this message casts upon this movie, and while I'm at it everything else related to it in the media, the books, the tapes, the seminars etc., not an iota of this article is not an attack upon the makers of The Secret, nor those who appear in it, nor any of the other books or tapes or CDs or DVD's or whatever else that is out there. Nor is it an attack upon those who believe in all this magic. It is merely an offer for loving rectification. The choice of acceptance is entirely up to you.

People don't really like to hear the truth do they now? Ever notice what happened to both truth tellers threat history? Ever notice what happened to anyone who went against the current convention of the time? Against the newfound truths and fads of the moment? Surely, they would never treated her well, to say the least. Scapegoats, torture, even murder. Anything to suppress the truth. But the Truth cannot be suppressed. In the end what will remain standing alone will be the Truth and the ego-lies shall fall away. Thank the holy loving all-encompassing omnipresent omnicient omnipotent God, literally.

Truth is my guide, by staff, my foundation, not what is "in," or what is the new-fad, a what people WANT to hear. I don't follow the polls and the trends. I follow-Truth. I have never known truth to fail me or anyone else. That shall be my guide, my light, the horse that I shall ride into eternity. You can keep your secrets. I shall share mine openly willingly and indeed freely. The more I share the more I get. The more you accept the more you get. The more you share the more you get. We both win. Everybody wins. That's another secret.

There I just saved you $5.00 to not rent the movie.

The real secret is that there is no secret. Our spiritual Father’s creation of truth has never been open to manipulation of the ego. This Truth was never hidden and certainly was never a secret. It is glorious, eternal, and unchanging blissful love. That is what the Father calls us to do-love-that and only that. Love is a verb; not a noun. That is the secret.

The secret is a realization that the world we see, feel, and touch does not exist in the truest sense. Why would God, eternal Truth, create a world of limitation scarcity separation hunger lack disease and death? This is not God's world; this is the world of the ego. Keep manipulating this world and you shall remain in this hell. What you resist persists, and what you support (believe in) remains. That is not a secret, that is a blazing scathing terrifying fact. Spirit whispers to you, in fact shouts out to you-do not think or make this world your home, for it is not, it never was, and never shall be. Thank God. You do not want this world, trust me. There is nothing here that you really want. Your ego lies to you and tells you that the world is here for your joy in your pleasure. But there is no joy and pleasure in this hell. That movie perpetuates and compels you further into this maze and spider web of punishment and pain. Leave it be, and leave it. Go home. It is right inside of you awaiting you, warmly.

There is only God, and in God, there aren’t any of the so-called secrets that we must manipulate to get. There are no games to be played. The secret is to realize that our real home is heaven; God’s mind. It is not a place of death and destruction, danger, violence, manipulation and limitation. Our lying eyes state not the truth. Our hearts state it eternally, if only we sit still for a moment and listen. And the secret shall reveal itself to us, and we shall realize that the secret was never a secret at all. We made it a secret by blocking Truth and by pursuing false secrets, which were illusions, gateways, pathways to pain, and suffering and hell.

The truth is revealed when the mind is removed from creating what is not there. Then the real creation reveals itself - the creation that was always there, just hidden beneath illusions, perceptions, and projections of a self that never served and never was. Just sit still long enough and the real eternal infinite Self shall open up and speak directly to you. It is not hidden in a movie, or a book. The ego’s secret we see in the Secret movie is the illusory self. It is a trick. Don't be fooled.

The Secret movie passionately motivates us to acquire more, to be more, and to have more. Why would I need to acquire and be and have more if I already am everything? That truth is not very good for video sales now is it? If we knew the real secret, we could make this world a wonderful place for ourselves. And maybe we could actually happily share the secret with others. Then not only would we have more, but our brothers and sisters would also share in this wonderful bounty by utilizing the secret-love love love. Share share share. Give give give. Simple. No movie no videos no books-just do it!

I am not speaking directly to any religion, spirituality, or philosophical notions. I'm speaking to you. I truly do not care what you believe. Your beliefs are meaningless. If they give you comfort, that is fine. But the comfort that you feel does not necessarily equate to truth. But is it comfort your feeling, or numbness? Do you seek eternal joy and bliss that you are, or the temporary elation of happiness and glee? Figure out one secret and get that car. Figure out another secret and get that hot babe. Or that handsome dude. Whatever. Keep the car, keep the babe, keep the handsome dude; I'll take the Father; I'll receive heaven. Join me. Our Father who art in heaven is not a secret. And His Truth, benevolence, and love was never subject to differentiation, interpretation, or separation, created by an insane crazy ego.

The movie, The Secret, is a pathway of glorifying the ego. The source of all your problems is the ego. The movie is bolstering and strengthening your only problem, i.e. your ego, and therefore foisting your problems, lo and be-hold, and be-old. There are no solutions to be found in The Secret. God is the only answer. There is no other way. So watch the movie and study it; find out the secret so you can play the game of life better. See where it gets you. Or, listen to the truth of Spirit right now and save yourself a lot of pain, a lot of time-know that the answer is simple-which is that what you really seek is not "out there"-and it will lead you nowhere.

We do not need to create or have more things to be happy and prosperous. If your focal point of happiness is outside of you, you are assured of certain inevitable pain. Count on it. He who would look to Him only to undo his pain, limitation, frustration, or conflicts will be unbound to this world and joined in His World. And only in His World shall you find true joy and bliss. The Secret is not something that is earned, or something that must be worked for. It is something that must be realized within us. It always was and always will be.

The secret that we are told to grasp will only continue our pain and keep away pleasure. Some secret! No thank you. Take out your machete and start chopping away at this secret. You are the Secret -the Truth is right in front of you. Hack away until you see it. Do it if you want peace. God's peace is limitless bliss that is eternal. If you want to be happy for an hour; take a nap; if you want to be happy for a day; go fishing; if you want to be happy for a month get married; if you want to be happy for a year win a million dollars; but if you want to be happy for the rest of your life learn to help others. But if you really want to know the big secret-if you want to be happy eternally-join with Him, take His hand, and except only His Truth. Take out that hatchet and chop away the illusions, the mystifying images, and foggy notions that the mind, the ego, continues to create in a never ending state of deprivation. In the end, all delusions must be let go of and the truth must be embraced, if there is to be lasting peace and a home found in the heart of God.

Watch The Secret again, or its sister movie-What the Bleep Do We Know? But this time, ask God, or the Holy Spirit, to help you to see it in its real ugly truth. Then sit still and watch another movie-your life. Again ask God, or the Holy Spirit, to help you view your life. See how you project your life from your mind. Start to question what your mind is. Ask God and the Holy Spirit to replace first what is in your mind with the loving thoughts of the Holy Spirit; then ask that your mind be replaced with the mind of God. Seek to replace your eyes that see sickness and death with spirits eyes that sees eternal. See projection and then ask who was projecting a projection of the projection? And what is the projection? And what or who is seeing the projection? These questions are deep and profound, and they may even be disturbing, but they are not too disturbing if you allow the love of Spirit to guide you and take you by the hand. Then leave behind the ghosts and phantoms that steal your soul and your life - not your worldly life, but your real life. You will then be led to the real Secret.

It is not a secret. And it is not hidden. God lovingly placed it in a place where he knew you would never lose it - it is right inside of you, in front of you, and beside you-look to your brother and see the secret in him - if you recognize it in him, you shall see it in yourself. You need only be open to see it. It wants you and you want it more than anything - more than any of man's romantic love stories could ever conjure. It is a true love affair - not one of delusions and illusions.

It calls for your heart's innate love, which is so powerful that it would bring tears to even the eye of God. The Secret is already written in your heart. Read it, listen to it, find its way and let its way become your way. The time is now.

Will you listen to the real secret?

By: Christopher D'Orta

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