Let’s turn off CNN (Constantly Negative News), take a deep breath and take stock. All this talk about the economy has me thinking about a self-sabotaging symptom I see too often, particularly in those who suffer from Underearning, Debting or being in a Money Fog. The “Rescue Fantasy”.

Tucked in the back of minds is the idea or fantasy that if things start spiraling out of control, someone, something or some organization will be there to bail you out. The result, if you suffer from this delusion (probably subconsciously), is that you undermine your ability to earn your full potential and create a full life by not taking conscious charge of your finances. Should things not go the way you hope, somehow you’ll have a fall back. It’s all kind of vague and hazy as you don’t have a Plan B.

Also, if you are foggy about money you are probably very good at finding people (who usually have the best of intentions), companies (ex.credit card companies) or organizations that enable you to carry on with certain behaviors around money. In the end they are not serving your best interests. You end up being beholden to everyone else but yourself.

Some examples of enablers are:

A spouse or partner

A parent or sibling
A relative
A boss
A friend

Credit card companies

Any other organizations or companies that have allowed you to extend your payments

You can’t afford not to get clear and conscious with your money because it is your life that you are living, not anyone else’s and not for anyone else. All the more reason why it is necessary for you to take stock of your own financial situation and examine the results you are getting.

The benefits of true self-care FAR outweigh the benefits of being tied, monetarily or emotionally to someone, something or a seemingly harmless Fantasy. The Rescue Fantasy is a dangerous hook to get caught on as it will only hold you back by creating a false sense of security, letting you think that things will somehow sort themselves out.

Life is not without its problems but better to blunder through with clarity and purpose, than let other people and circumstances run you So the question isn’t “Can anyone count on you?” but “Can you count on yourself?”

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