It is a fact of life that we all have food cravings in general—and it’s called hunger. There are actually all kinds of cravings of certain foods which could be caused by a nutritional deficiency, a habit, or can even be caused by our emotions. Some people would crave food when they lack particular nutrients.

If for instance, you do not have adequate iron, then you might find yourself craving for red meat. You might also crave something to eat for self medication whenever you feel terribly lonely, sad or just feel bad for example. Eating a lots of snacks, most especially the sugary sweet ones causes the blood to rush to your stomach, and release serotonin, to make us feel better, even though at least temporarily.

There are times that we are more likely to get in a habit of thinking that we really need particular kinds of foodstuff. For instance, if you frequently eat popcorn whilst watching a film, then, sooner or later you would crave it as soon as you try watching another movie.

So, Is Food Truly Addicting or Dangerous? Absolutely, food in general is not dangerous or addictive. It is in fact necessary for human beings to eat each and every single day. Nevertheless, it could become obsessive and addicting whenever we already become very emotionally attached to it, or be gluttonous because of addiction to it.

Food cravings could also induce us to make some unhealthy food choices. Unhealthy food choices, like so many sweet, sugary and fatty foods could result to certain heart problems, diabetes, obesity and many other health problems. And this is why it is very significant to take control of your food cravings as soon as you can.

And What Can I Do To Control My Food Cravings? Recognizing the emotional bond is the initial step in ending your emotional eating. An effective succeeding step will be to handle the feeling rather than medicating it with foodstuff. The most effective and the best way is by making sure that you eat a healthy and balanced diet and give your body all the nutrients it requires.

So let’s say whenever you experienced a craving for a chocolate, for example, try asking yourself first... “Why am I yearning for this chocolate bar? Is it just because I feel lonely or depressed? Therefore, if you are an emotional eater, you also have to make a conscious effort of not letting your emotions to take over your eating habits and end emotional eating for good.

Try eating 5-6 small meals per day and incorporate some protein in every meal. This would help stabilize your blood sugar and give you the energy to keep going throughout the day. Whole food vitamins are highly suggested. Take some kind of daily vitamin supplements. Zero in for a balanced diet with tons of vegetables and fresh fruits in it.

This would definitely give you several benefits of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Don’t worry, you can take it just one step at a time and take control over your food cravings.

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