I was listening to Michael Port’s book "Beyond Booked Solid" today en route to a meeting. He made one statement that truly sums up my philosophy. As he was talking about how to boost your income, streamline your processes, and take your business to the next level he said "The real bottom line is your life." Meaning, the real bottom line when it comes to everything you do is your life - how you experience your days, the relationships you have, and your ability to truly enjoy living. Everything else is simply done in support of that.

While this isn’t news to my way of thinking, what struck me about it was how effortlessly it flowed into the conversation of what is clearly a business book. While I don’t know the author personally, I have read his books and heard him speak. He lives what he preaches and has a wildly successful business yet he never seems harried, stressed, or out of alignment. He shares what he knows in a relaxed and joyful manner.

I always LOVE to see successful folks who truly "get it". We live a multi-faceted life and the real bottom line is how much we give, receive, and enjoy the journey. I know when I hit small and large speed bumps in my business it ALWAYS pays to step back and truly look at the bottom line. Sure I look at the financial bottom line...I love cash flow and I have a degree in accounting. I could stare at and count my beans all day long (thankfully I don’t!). Yet I know whether business is going well or going slowly, how I feel rarely has anything to do with dollars, cents, clients, or life conditions. It has to do with how well I am doing with being and living in a way that aligns with who I am and what I most desire -- my ability to feel fulfilled, at peace, and joyful are at my disposal with the flick of a choice. If I’m on track with my relationship with myself and my choices - life is always good (even during the rough patches). If I’m not, well life is not so great even if all the outside stuff is going great.

Now is the perfect time to re-assess those dreams, goals, and plans you were so excited about on New Years Day. Are you on track? How are you feeling right now? How are you doing with respect to the real bottom line? Feeling good about it or not so much?

I invite you to take a few moments and truly ask yourself these questions. Know that I am right beside you asking them of myself as well...right now as we connect.

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