The US presidential elections are just around the corner and with so many pressing issues in the year 2008; it is more than necessary for Americans to be able to choose the right candidate. With so mush responsibility vested on their shoulders, these citizens are compelled to acquaint themselves with the qualities that should be expected from the leader who will run their country.

The United States was once the strongest super power of the world. Of course, it is still one of the most influential nations but whether it remains the strongest or not is arguable. To ensure that the position of the nation does not derogate further and it regains the position it once had on the globe, it is necessary for the citizens to choose an efficient leader who has set goals in mind.

The vital traits required in a leader who intends to run a country:

Bob Woodwards points out that George Bush Jr who is the 43rd president of the United States tends to live in the denial mode. Admitting mistakes and finding ways to correct them is an important quality of the leader of a nation. He cannot afford to turn a blind eye to his mistakes and pretend that everything is well taken care of.

The hugest mistake Bill Clinton (the 42nd President of the United States) made was to get carried away by his own personal passions and let them reflect on his work. His alleged affair with Monica Lewinsky was responsible for ruining his reputation not only in America but all over the world.

Another most important vice that the leader of any nation should steer clear of is corruption. Some of the leaders cannot handle the authority bestowed upon them and begin to misuse it at the first given chance. What they should be doing is to be a good example for the citizens of his country as well as the other leaders of the world. The case of Richard Nixon who was involved in the Watergate Scandal is the best example.

A leader who possesses a charm and popularity is favored by all. Just like President John F. Kennedy Sr, leaders all over should understand that it is the people of the country who are the most powerful and they should try and gain as much support and adulation as they can to make things simpler for themselves. The charm possessed by President Ronald Reagan was an important factor that escalated his career to great heights.

An important responsibility of the leader of a nation is to make smart and correct moves in times of crisis. President Franklin Roosevelt during the Second World War and President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War witnessed not one but two wars. Both these leaders managed to choose the right over the wrong and fight for their nations in the most effective way possible.

All of the above are the characteristics that the Americans should look out for while making their choice amongst Obama, Clinton, Guiliani and the others. The one who has all these qualities should only be elected president.

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