I asked the question “What is the purpose of external accountability?” Many of you didn’t have an answer, and if you are like most people you were wondering why I included the word “external” in the question.

Well, today the answer shall be revealed. And it will change the way you feel when someone else helps to keep you accountable or when you ask someone to be your accountability partner.

Think about this, why would we ask someone to hold us accountable? It is because when we tell someone else we are going to do something, we will keep ourselves more on track to accomplish that thing, be it a task, assignment, or goal so that we don’t let that other person down.

The real purpose of external accountability is not to learn how to be co-dependent with another person. And the purpose is not so that our accountability partner or boss can make us feel guilty when we are behind schedule.

The purpose of external accountability is so that we can develop a stronger and more powerful sense of INTERNAL ACCCOUNTABILITY.

We are developing the ability to hold ourselves accountable, to have a higher degree of integrity so that when we decide to do something, when we decide that this is the goal, we will do everything in our power to accomplish and finish that task without anyone else’s help.

This is not to say that using others for help is bad, but wouldn’t you feel more powerful if you were more self-reliant and more independent? I would.

So, the lesson here is that we want to use external accountability as a means to an end. That end is having internal accountability which gives you the power to be more independent, and live a happier fuller life.

Be Free!

Tom Weber

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