I am on a spiritual sabbatical in the Gulf of Mexico and today the sun has decided to hide behind the shady clouds above. I know it is still there even though I can't see it or feel its warm rays. The same goes with our Spirits. Like the sun, it is hidden, unseen, but that does not mean it is not thriving and actively guiding us every day. As we grow older and lose touch with the power within us, we allow our senses to guide us, many times in the wrong direction. When we realize that we allowed ourselves to be guided carnally, we may find ourselves lost, or confused or in quite a pickle if you know what I mean. Sometimes, the predicaments we step into unknowingly, are so complex that the only thing we can do is accept the fact that we misguided ourselves by allowing our Minds and Bodies to make decisions for us instead allowing our Spirits, which are unbiased, unjudging, coming from love and truth to lead the way. I spent a lot of energy and time trying to backtrack myself out of situations that were to my detriment. Healing from some of those situations have cost me things that are far more precious than a relationship that was never meant to develop, a job I wasn't supposed to take or a decision I wasn't suppose to make.

When I was taking a walk by the ocean yesterday afternoon, I found myself at one point speechless. I just stared and the massiveness, the power and the intensity of the water. The waves tirelessly bashed onto the shore, pushing past anything that got in the way. I was seduced by the sounds I heard and the awe of the mystery of it all. Even though the water was quite chilly even for Florida, I couldn't resist. It had been too long for me to be away from one of the most magnificent evidences we have that a God does exist. So I stepped into His creation. I walked in as if I was numb and had no nerve endings that could feel the chill of the water. I had my trusty raft and I just plunged in. Was it my Mind telling to do it? Certainly it wasn't my Body. My Spirit wanted me to be reminded of my the power I had within. It is the same power that moves the ocean waves. It is the same power the colors the sky blue. It is the same power that had created me. Back home in Colorado, inspite of the magnificance of the Rocky Mountains, it is the ocean that calms my soul and calls me to myself. I made it past the sand bar where the water was breaking and jumped onto my raft. Immediately I submitted to the water. It felt so familiar. It felt like home. For a brief moment I realized how easy it would be to just let go and let the ocean set me free from the physical world and leave everything behind. For just a brief moment I wanted to just be one with God forever and leave my troubles behind. I layed my head down and closed my eyes. I must of been still for just a moment when my instinct for survival kicked in. I looked up to see where I was and realized the ocean was pulling me in so I stepped down to touch the ocean floor but I found no sand just more salty water.

At first, I wasn't afraid but I did become alert. I did not choose that consciously it just happened. We are naturally designed to fight for survival if need be. So, I looked within and my Spirit made it clear that it wasn't my time to leave Earth and that I had to get back to shore so I began to kick. Instead of getting closer I found that the ocean wanted to make sure that I had learned my lesson about not testing God or Power. I kept getting drawn deeper and deeper. That is when my whole being came alive. I felt like an animal that sensed a predator had entered my lair. I furiously began to kick and paddle and with my Spirit leading my mind as my body followed, all three parts of me worked as one to thrust us onto the edge of a oncoming wave and I was literally carried all the way to shore where I was spit out onto the sand face first. I didn't know if should have laughed or cried or both. But, the message was clear. God was saying to me that it was not my time and I belonged right here.

The Power within us is really outside of us as well. We are connected to everything that surrounds our being. If you ever feel like you have lost touch with your spiritual guide, your inner voice, your true self, your Spirit, start by lookin around you. If mountains are your gig then go there. Drive into the valleys, park your car and walk into the woods, in the forest, touch the ground and ask God to touch you back. Nature is God's one of God's most magnificant masterpieces and proof of His existence. The elements that came together to create you can be found in sand, water, air, flowers, trees, soil. The key to staying in touch with your true self is to be "aware" of your surroundings and there you will find yourself. No matter what life brings even if it is death, your true self, the power within, your Spirit is eternal. It lives on inspite of everything. Live from the and you will find that you are less likely to lose touch with who you are, what you stand for and why you were put in this Earth. Learn to love that part of yourself even when it tells you to go in a direction you "think" or "feel" you shouldn't go. Only your Spirit is untouchable and untainted. Our minds are impressionable and like computers can catch viruses, spit out useless jargon and lead astray. Our Bodies are the same. When someone says trust your instinct they really should be saying trust your Spirit.

I thought I had to come to the ocean, to leave my home and my family and friends to reconnect my Spirit with the Creator. Now I know that I can go home and find that same connection there. I have no regrects mind for "running away" for 10 days or so to a ocean. What I have found here in the majesty and beauty of the Florida seaside was me! And boy I was so happy to see me again! With many tears of gratitude I have sat by the ocean these thanking God that He had given me this chance to be reminded what lives within me. I can hear Him sending loving thank you back that I decided to listen and allowed the power within to be my guide to bring me back home to me.

Author's Bio: 

I am the President of the SELF, INC. Life Program. I authored a Handbook about the Program about 10 years ago. So I dusted it off, added some insights that I have this past decade and I am now committed to "paying it forward" by spreading the message that: "You need to love yourself first. Only then can you truly love enough to manifest significant PERSONAL SUCCESS in your life." I decided to become a writer of articles so I can perhaps offer up any insight that I have gained and continue to gain, as a student of life, on how to manage our personal worlds. Lastly, I want to be part of a community of people that are committed to personal enlightenment, that wants to be enlightened and wants to help other people be enlightened, or just want to find the darn light, turn it on in our community and in the lives of others.