Like many around the world, the last few months for me have carried a sense of uncertainty and quite frankly, stress.

As an entrepreneur of a young company that I feel totally passionate about, the decline in the global economy has been unsettling. I am fortunate to have a stellar team at Intent, committed investors, supporters worldwide and a community here that seems to appreciate our efforts. I both honor this responsibility and take it very seriously!

One of the realities of any business is ups and downs, and we at Intent have had our share. The reality of life also adds thrills and complications. In the last few days, I must be honest that I had lost a sense of balance.

Today, I had an interesting experience with Intent that was wonderful and made me proud of what we are creating. It was personal validation of the power of the stating our intentions and sharing them with a community.

Today, I humbly reached out and shared my intent with the community:

My intent is to keep centered in the face of uncertainty.

And, people responded with supportive words, empathy, comaraderie, and true compassion.

In addition, that one sentence stayed with me all day. It was almost like stating the intent and sharing it with the world actually provided an anchoring centeredness that I needed. And I got through my day with clarity, strength and purpose.

So, I want to thank all of you for participating in our ever growing community here. Your inspiring intentions which I love to read throughout the day, your humbleness in seeking more connection or fun or health or love in your life, your comments and support to each other, are truly making a difference. I am truly grateful and inspired.

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