There is enormous power in what we say, do, think and feel.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you smile and reflect on how much you are enjoying something and suddenly you remember ‘I asked for this?' You may have had a desire, wish or intention at an earlier time in your life and you said something like ‘I wish I could get up on a Monday morning, eager to get to my job!’ Maybe you said something like ‘I wish I could live like this every day’ (words spoken during a relaxed or exhilarating holiday). Suddenly, almost without trying, you suddenly find yourself doing a job you love or more regularly in situations that mirror that holiday experience. Is this mere coincidence or is there power in stating silently, or out-loud, what you want?

My years of experience as a psychologist, witnessing the intentions, thoughts and actions of hundreds of clients, I know that there IS tremendous power in stating what you want. As the late Earl Nightingale said in his famous recording The Strangest Secret, we literally ‘become what we think about’. If we think negative things, we get negative things; if we think positive things, we get positive things.

If it is possible to somehow attract, create or find yourself in situations that mirror your stated intentions or regular thoughts, without seemingly making a determined effort to do so, what else is possible if you deliberately spend time imagining and deliberating acting in accordance with what you so desire?

The positive psychology movement developed after questioning the value of psychological literature and interventions concentrating only on negative aspects of human experience namely, loss, anxiety, depression and conflict. Instead, the positive psychology literature today focuses on how to facilitate happiness, joy, harmony and ways to increase our capacity for community and belonging. The personal development movement has known this for some time and motivational speakers all over the world have implored their listeners to empower themselves with positive thoughts, feelings, actins and intentions.

There is enormous wisdom in these teaching and focusing on what you do want in positive terms and attracting this in accordance with your desires, can and will be life-transforming. Literally, you end up with what you think, feel and …ask for! So become acutely aware of the language you use, the dreams you dream and the actions you take. Make sure they are stated positively and that you do everything to identify and remove any counter intentions – conscious and unconscious – that might sabotage this. You will literally become what you think about and ultimately what you ask for.

Author's Bio: 

Clare Mann is a psychologist, author and speaker skilled in dispelling the myth of limitation that operates in peoples lives. Positive Psychology