Faith has awesome power. Faith has the power to shape your words, thoughts, and actions. Faith has the power to remove things from your life and bring things into your life. By faith you receive from God. Before you receive anything from God you first have to have faith that it is as He said before you see it so. God requires you to believe before you see.

For instance the Bible says- by his (Jesus) stripes you were healed. You have to believe that before you see that. Like the 10 lepers Jesus told them to go show themselves unto the priest. You only showed yourself to the priest for him to pronounce you clean. So Jesus was calling them healed. But they didn't see healing. But they went anyway. They had faith in what Jesus spoke over what they could see and feel. But notice they had to have faith that it was so before they saw it so.

And faith when it is released out of the mouth is creative. The worlds and the heavens were created with faith. And faith will continue to produce in the physical world. Jesus said have the faith of God then explained the faith of God (Mark 11:22,23). Well the faith of God comes by hearing the word of God. So you have access to the very faith of God. And just as the faith of God created this physical world it will create your world. And we see even from the beginning of time that the physical world cannot stop the faith of God from producing.

And faith brings what's in the spiritual into the physical. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Those unseen things are in the spiritual realm. And faith gives substance to them in the physical realm. Faith is a spiritual substance that produces physical results.

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