We read and hear in the New Thought circles that we are creating our experiences every day and that to master our experience we must take responsibility for every experience we have. This statement alone can bring on a wide array of emotions and the first one is usually not empowerment, however it is the only one we really want.

If you've done much reading on manifesting you will know that Abraham-Hicks is a big proponent of feeling good and keeping your thoughts on what you want rather than what you don't want. But somehow creating what we want can sometimes be elusive at best and incredibly frustrating at worst.

When frustration sets in the culprit is usually doubt. Doubt that we really can have a positive affect on our physical experience.
But when you remember that your experience is simply a very complex dream and that you are the dreamer doubt begins to dissipate. The book "The Holographic Universe" discusses that it is a trick of the brain and eyes that make our outer experience appear "out there" when actually everything is occurring in our mind. The sofa you are sitting on "appears" to be outside of your mind, your body "appears" to be outside of your mind. But your entire experience is occurring inside your mind, your imagination. And you thought you didn't have a very good imagination! "The Holographic Universe" goes on to say that there is nothing to prove that our waking experiences are any more real than our dreamed experiences and when the brain is monitored the same areas of the brain become active and light up whether the individual is actually seeing an object or just imagining it.

Doubt can and will hinder and all together block you from manifesting your desired outcome.
Enjoy the free EFT script to release doubt. You can use this script for any doubt not just doubting your manifesting abilities. Feel free to adjust the wording so that is applies to you. With each statement tap down the body on the tapping points. If you don't know what the tapping points are visit my website at www.michellelee.us and watch the demonstration videos.

Even though I doubt that I can can really have what I want...I deeply and completely love accept and forgive myself X3
If I believe I can manifest what I want I'm afraid I will be disappointed.
I'm afraid I'm not allowed to have what I want.
I don't deserve to have what I want
What if I disappoint myself and others
This doubt x3
I can't do this
I can't manifest what I want easily it has to be hard.
I'm afraid I can't x3

Now turn it around:
But maybe this is just a story
This is a story and I give myself permission to release this story
The truth is I am a powerful creator
I am a powerful creator
I can create and manifest what ever I desire
I feel confident and optimistic
I feel confident and optimistic
I am confident and optimistic
I am confident and optimistic
I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!
Happy manifesting!

Author's Bio: 

Michelle is an Empowerment/Self-love Specialist, Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner and Intuitive. Combining intuition, EFT, hypnosis and the art of asking the right questions Michelle is successful in guiding her clients to greater awareness of the negative patterns in their lives, shifting those patterns, and releasing negative emotions such as trauma, guilt, shame and anger so that they are empowered to Master their lives physically, emotionally and spiritually.