When an individual pursues the “Path to Purpose” or the “assignment” God has called them to do in this life, they will have many opportunities to quit this road and go down a more comfortable path than what God has planned for them.

Some Christians may choose the path God had not planned for them in the pursuit of comfort or rest, but this road is a place of no spiritual growth. The process of living in God’s purpose can be a painful road to follow. We were called here as warriors to battle through attacks and find our comfort in our relationship with our God through Jesus Christ- not in our circumstances.

Luke 10:19 says "Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you." Isaiah 54:17 says, "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.” When we really get what God is telling us we realize that to fear anything is useless. We have all the power to walk in our purpose and live the blessed life God intended for us to live.
Once you’ve made the decision to walk in your God given purpose there are 6 levels of growth to move through.

1. Sovereign Foundations: You are brought into the earth with everything you will need to fulfill your assignment in life. You were born at exactly the right time, right country, right state, right gifting, and right passion to complete your assignment. WE need to build the muscles given to us by God, rejoice in our uniqueness, and understand our value. We need to stop looking at someone else’s abilities and pursuing success with equipment we weren’t given that has no bearing on our purpose!

2. Inter Life Growth: This stage of growth is experienced typically through pain and failure, and is for the building of character and integrity into your life. This is the stage when your spirituality is typically realized and you become a servant to Christ and a baby in Christ. Many Christians stay at this level and still live their life like the world. They are saved, but they only experience life as the world does and never step into their anointing and power that exists when they live by Kingdom principals.

3. Maturing in Purpose: In this stage you begin to be utilized slightly in your purpose and what you were designed to do. (You begin to get a glimpse of your assignment). There is a lot of growth still occurring in this stage, however, you begin to use your God given gifts and talents.

4. Maturing in Life: This growth stage is recognized by the feelings of frustration. There is a conscious shaping and derailment of YOUR plans. Your progress begins to be molded through God’s strength and ability and not your own merit. You begin to be solidified in your purpose and resolve to achieve it. At this stage, you’re back in the workshop, growing up on the inside, and being processed and prepared to handle the great responsibility of your destiny. Lessons typically taught in this state include the power of living in the “now”, reliance and trust in your Father God, and the ability to change the things you are currently doing in order to obtain different results in your life; results that bare fruit! At this stage you appear to be “pulled back” or “set back” in your purpose when in actuality you are about to be released into your assignment.

5. Convergence: Only 20% of those who start on their journey of purpose get here. This is the place where your relationship with God, your purpose / assignment and your passion all come together. This is the place where all the experiences of your life come into play. You now utilize what you have learned in each stage of your growth and each test in your life for this assignment. You are now doing what you were called to do by God. You are a King and a Priest in this assignment. Everything your hands touch while you are “on purpose” will prosper and you have overwhelming peace, joy, and love in this place. (Shalom-nothing broken, nothing missing) Wealth and abundance exist in this place. You are now an “environment changer”. Wolves become sheep in your presence because you know who your God created you to be and you have stepped into the authority of your assignment.

6. After Glow: This is your legacy when the “ripple effect” of what you have done in your purpose travels to places and people you yourself have never seen nor spoken to. Your purpose has a total influence to bring the Kingdom of God to the earth and the strengthening of the Body of Christ, even though you are not as physically busy teaching to the magnitude you did in the past. Your purpose has now been released to the Kingdom of God and others can carry the vision of this purpose without you being the deliverer of the message. (Habakkuk 2:2) This is true multiplication and discipleship!

We undergo all these stages through “growth and expansion” and being under pressure. This pressure reveals and edifies your “gift cluster” which taps into your passion guiding you to do what you were created to do…. Your Purpose.

The life you are living right now is not a dress rehearsal…Go out and start living the life God intended for you live and when you come face to face with your Father, He will say “Well done good and faithful servant!”

Author's Bio: 

Nick has been instrumental in assisting over 400 businesses start-ups and guiding these businesses with sound business advise and wisdom to achieve their business goals. Nick is training throughout the US and in various international sites including South America. He has just completed his first book entitled “Awaken The Sleeper”.