With passion, you’re an unstoppable force to be reckoned with! You exude energy and enthusiasm that fires you up and fires up everyone you meet. Find out how to sustain passion and use it to leverage your business.

What is Passion?
So what is passion anyway? We easily recognize passion in love relationships, but what about on the job? You’ve probably experienced passion sometime at work. Maybe it happened when your job or business was new and felt like an adventure. You were excited and challenged and it spread into other areas of your life. Or passion rose when you tackled an interesting project and were totally absorbed in what you were doing. You lost track of time, you were that into it.

Passion’s the feeling of excitement and enthusiasm, where we feel surges of upbeat energy. Energy rising and expanding that can’t be contained. The important question is “did it last”? How do you sustain passion and use it as a powerful tool to leverage your business?

Where Has All the Passion Gone?
So what happened to it and how do we regain it and make it an integral part of our lives? Many psychologists and business experts tell you that to discover your passion, you need to think back to when you were between nine and eleven years of age. Consider what drove you, what you wanted to do in your life, what you thought about or dreamed about.

Rediscover the dreams that you gave up or that faded because of life responsibilities and the reality of making a living. Others will ask you to examine what you’re good at. Take a close look at your talents, abilities and interests, for that’s where your passion is buried. They can help you rediscover passion or claim it for the first time. But, that’s only a part of the answer.

Do what you love:
There’s nothing like doing what you love to do that ignites your passion and gets your energy flowing in an unstoppable direction. Having passion for your job is vital to a prosperous career. The most successful people are those who are passionate about what they do.

Your personal happiness is affected by how passionate you are at work and career. You may not think so, but if your job is just a drone, the same old day after day, it will influence how you feel and behave. It can also affect your health! So consider how to add more meaning to your work. Increase the tasks that use your strengths and highlight what you enjoy doing. The more you can do so, the better you’ll feel.

Practice Passion:
“That’s Impossible,” you say! There’s no way you can change your job right now or even improve upon the job activities. You must make a living and pay the bills. If doing more of what you love isn’t an option, look at the plus side of your job. Focus on how it benefits you. It handles the primary need to make a living. Maybe you get medical benefits, paid vacation time or product discounts. You’ve made friends and contacts on the job that make the time pass easier. All of these are pluses that you can concentrate on when you feel down and dejected about work.

Do you live only for the next weekend? When Sunday rolls around, do you begin to feel queasy and low? You don’t have to suffer from those ‘Sunday Evening Blues’ and dread the upcoming work week. Instead, re-examine your job. Really focus on the benefits rather than what you don’t like. Find ways to be thankful for the job. Think about how it supports you and and how other people also benefit. Passion’s an attitude and if practiced enough becomes more and more believable. Practice passion often. You’ll be surprised at the changes that happen.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Jo Anne White is an International Author, Life, Leadership and Business Coach who has inspired millions of men, women and businesses to exceed their expectations and achieve greater success and satisfaction.

Known as the "Success Doc" to global audiences, Doc White has been featured on the Internet and in local, national and international publications including Good Housekeeping, Web MD, Woman’s World and CNN.com. She’s appeared as a frequent guest on radio and television networks such as NBC, CN8, World Talk Radio and Voice America.

Jo Anne White, PhD has also developed and presented national/international seminars and training programs. She’s authored several books for men and women regarding personal and professional growth, success and empowerment.