"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." -Anais Nin

The Wizard of Oz is one of the most beloved movies of all time. I won't summarize the whole plot (who hasn't seen it?) as I'm sure you'll remember from the movie that Dorothy has three companions- the scarecrow, the tin man, and the cowardly lion. The four of them make their way along the yellow brick road, defeat the wicked witch, and are rewarded by the great and mighty wizard.

astrology-cowardly-lionIt's a wonderful tale, a great example of the hero's journey, and can be analyzed from many different angles. We could say that Dorothy's three companions represent the pieces of her own psyche (or the collective psyche, i.e. Dorothy as everyman) that need to be healed - ignorance, apathy, and fear.

This month the full moon is in Aries- the sign of courage, taking risks, and proving oneself. It sounds a lot like what the cowardly lion was searching for. The cowardly lion believed his fear made him inadequate. He was always whimpering and imagining himself as king of the beasts, but felt he missed the mark somehow.

When the lion finally meets the wizard he is presented with a medal to prove his courage. The medal is just a talisman - an object that seemingly possesses some magical power- that helps the lion believe he has gained the courage he (thought he) previously lacked.

Courage doesn't mean "fearless." Courage means acting in the face of fear, or in spite of it.

The Astrology of the Full Moon

The new moon beginning this cycle was in Virgo and I wrote about taking the time to be prepared for upcoming opportunities. Now that we're prepared and we have our own medal or talisman- perhaps in the form of a plan, a skill, or new attitude - we're ready to face our fears and reach for the opportunities that await us.

astrology-courageThe full moon occurs at 11 degrees of Aries on Saturday October 4, 2009 (October full moon chart). The moon is a symbol for how we react to life, how we feel inside, and our response to external circumstances. With the full moon in Aries it's time we act directly, courageously, and enthusiastically.

Like Dorothy and her friends, we still have some challenges to overcome. With Saturn and Pluto at odds, we may feel that we lack the resources (both internal and exernal) to move forward. And that may be true. But we're courageous now, and we know we can reach the wizard in spite of not having enough (time, money, support, etc.).

Mercury, the planet of the mind, and Uranus, planet of surprises, are in aspect now. Actively seek new and different ways to cope with any obstacles in your path. Glinda made it snow in Oz to counteract the effects of the poppies. What unexpected solutions can you find?

And with action-oriented Mars also harmonizing with both Mercury and Uranus, we'll have no problems mustering the energy to act. Why? Because if we were smart, we've created plans and procedures at the new moon in Virgo so we're now prepared to seize the opportunities that come knocking.

And they will. Mercury was retrograde most of September and turned direct on 9/26. Any negotiations, agreements, or plans that seemed to stall over the past few weeks will now gain momentum again. October also sees Jupiter, planet of luck and opportunity and retrograde since mid-June, turn direct on October 13. So the energy this month will be considerabley better than September!

From the script Wizard of Oz:
...As for you, my fine friend --
you're a victim of disorganized
thinking. You are under the unfortunate
delusion that simply because you run away
from danger, you have no courage. You're
confusing courage with wisdom. Back where
I come from, we have men who are called
heroes. Once a year, they take their
fortitude out of mothballs and parade it
down the main street of the city. And they
have no more courage than you have. But!
They have one thing that you haven't got!
A medal! Therefore -- for meritorious
conduct, extraordinary valor, conspicuous
bravery against wicked witches, I award you
the Triple Cross.

Scarecrow, Tin Man and Dorothy watching as the Wizard presents the
medal to the Lion --

You are now a member of the Legion of

Use it well my friend. Namaste'

Author's Bio: 

Ron Archer is an astrologer living in Miami, FL. He uses astrology to help clients understand themselves better, make healthier choices, and cope with challenge and change. Ron blogs regularly on his website www.miamiastrology.com.