When a seed is precious to a farmer, it is lovingly nurtured. This nurturing of the seed brings out its fruits which later profit the farmer. What mental fruits do you nourish? Do you nourish success fruits or those of poverty?

The thoughts that you hold in your mind are the fruits most often nourished. These fruits are the offering that you have to give to the world. Hypnosis cds can help you sort through your thoughts and find the true fruit of value. This treasure can then be nourished by your subconscious mind bringing more of its kind into your mind. When many fruits of value are present, you have a true mental cornucopia.

The blessings that come into your life with hypnosis cds are: prosperity, success in sports and the performing arts, increased assertiveness, a better marriage, finding a lost object, quitting smoking, saving money, losing weight, finding that perfect job, and spiritual enlightenment.

When you look over this list, you can see that success is measured by different people with different standards. Spiritual success truly brings into your life every other blessing. For as you become enlightened, you see the perfect world in the eyes of God consciousness. By seeing this perfection, you bring your focus to the visualization and thereby develop belief.

I once had a friend who wanted to be a nurse. She had trouble with mathematics and the sciences. However, she listened to inspirational lectures and meditated frequently. The fruits of her mind multiplied and she became the nurse that she wanted to become. She is an extremely compassionate woman and gives to others often. Her generosity truly makes heaven on earth wherever she goes. Without knowing it, she was practicing self hypnosis. I believe that if this woman had been given hypnosis cds, her success would have been accelerated.

Another example is more personal. I had a belief that I was a failure and an embarrassment to my family. I hung my head and walked like a person who was deeply ashamed of me. However, I was lucky to meet people who helped me to change the path of my life. These fruits of poverty were cast out and new thoughts were nourished. Gurudev Chitrabhanu, a Jain master, and David Johnson, a trainer at the Seeing-Eye were responsible for this splendid transformation.
Later Bishop Sherral Brownlea helped me to value myself. These people helped me to choose the ripe fruits rather than rotten ones. Julie Griffen also helped me to use hypnosis on a daily basis to fertilize these fruits to quicken their growth in my life. It was the hypnosis cds that she encouraged me to make that made me the person that I am today.

When Thomas Edison went to school, a teacher told his mother that he had an addled brain. He did not believe it for a minute. When you believe health, prosperity, success, and happiness, these fruits overflow your life. Truly, your cup runneth over as the psalmist says in the 23rd psalm. Hypnosis cds help you to believe the good and thereby the good becomes experienced. This is accomplished because the hypnosis cd repeats the beliefs and affirmations. Like affirmative prayer, you get in touch with the perfection which exists in the mind of God and this perfection is developed into reality.

When scientists researched prayer, they noticed that plants that were prayed for grew better. Whenever good is affirmed and believed, it is realized. Even when people were prayed for and the people did not know about the prayers, they healed faster. Whenever affirmations are believed, this indeed is prayer. Accelerate your progress and believe with hypnosis cds.

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I have been a therapist for many years in the Boston area.. My discipline is social work and I am a licensed independent clinical social worker in Massachusetts. I practice in a clinic in Malden Massachusetts where I use both rational emotive therapy and hypnosis to help people achieve their goals. My private practice is also very rewarding in which I do home-based hypnosis.

I live with my husband, a seeing-eye dog named Winston and a retired Seeing-Eye dog named leslie

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