There is a new spirituality unfolding, dictated by universal need and the cycles of necessity. Evidenced by its absence as destruction and disregard for human life and environmental sensitivity, this new Spirit of the times is enticing our consciousness to become increasingly inclusive and responsible.

The new Spirit of the times creates a necessity for spiritual dimensions and psychological dimensions to meet in the centre of our being. Where they merge, the infinite and finite become one, creating soul and expanding consciousness. In the spiritual dimensions we embrace the universal realities. In the psychological dimensions we encounter the personal human realities. Living the two dimensions simultaneously is Soul Life and it is what the New Spirituality is all about. The manifestation of this enlightened consciousness in practical living brings about the beneficial changes needed for the well- being of humanity and the planet.

Turn your life around 180 degrees with soul-based psychology! Soul-based psychology is the basis of the New Spirituality. It is a radical re-visioning. Learn to see beyond the surface appearance of things and know what's really happening. Understand how all experiences are really Love's manifestations.

The foundation of the New Spirituality is intelligent understanding. Through understanding, love and empowerment become real. Through understanding comes transformation.

The New Spirituality that is emerging from the depths of humanity's soul is demanding new responses from each individual. Most people do not recognize what the demands of this spirituality are, and do not therefore respond appropriately, thereby living in disharmony. The prevalent idea of the spiritual path is the religious attitude of believing and doing good works, while others who may be more contemporary say we only need to manifest 'Spirit into matter' without knowing how to do that, except to exercise a great deal of willpower and positive thinking. However, belief can be blind, good works can be highly subjective rather than a response to need, willpower can be heartless, and positive thinking can create denial and repression. Obviously these are not the primary elements of the New Spirituality.

These approaches do not meet the essential requirements of the new spirituality that involves a necessary transformation of consciousness. Many who understand that a consciousness change is required still confuse personality awareness with soul consciousness, and use personality effort to try to bring about the necessary changes.

Dealing with mundane, existential conditions is not an obligation imposed by an other-world view of spirituality, but an essential characteristic of the New Spirituality. For example, if one were financially irresponsible one would not be embodying the new spirituality. Ignorance of financial matters is no excuse. Ignorance is an impediment to the new spirituality.

Religion is often more focused on the transcendent, while the New Spirituality seeks to relate to both the transcendent and the immanent, seeking to bring the two together in consciousness. The New Spirituality seeks to bring the respect and devotion to the highest into practical demonstration of love for all beings, meeting practical needs as they exist.


1. List the things you do that you have believed necessary for your spiritual growth and development.
2. List the things you feel guilty about not doing that you have believed would be good for your spiritual growth and development.
3. Address the issues of these lists. Based on these lists, make some decisions for change. List these decisions.

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Since 1974, Andrew has worked full time in the metaphysical field. His studies resulted in degrees in Theology, Philosophy, Psychology and Education. He has created and taught many programs for personal growth, soul consciousness, esoteric studies and philosophical counselling in Canada and Europe. He has also taught over 5000 classes, seminars and workshops. He and his wife, Bonnie, have also conducted 15 international retreats in various countries. Andrew has been described as “a teacher of teachers and a healer of healers.” He has authored many books and manuals for developing soul consciousness and understanding the world in which we live. Check them out at the Soul Journey.