It is intense out there. This health care bill has caused quite a stir. There are important energies at play that need to be recognized. There won’t be any discussion about politics here, no taking sides, no support or opposition for the new bill or for either political party. This isn’t about the health care bill… it is solely about the energy of what is taking place and the mirror in front of us. We are stuck in polarity and it is destroying us.

As you know, there was so much passion behind this piece of legislation. The President, Congress and citizens have very strong opinions about it. Each party was looking out for their own interests, digging in their heels and not attempting to reach consensus. There was no unity, no coming together for the greater good. There was only polarity… Only “us and them”, “what I want” and “what is best for me”. Both parties were guilty of this and boy were the egos running the show. Again, this isn’t about the bill at all. It’s about the methods in which this took place.

Our government is a reflection of us. If they are polarized, so are we. There have been extreme reactions to this bill from all sides during and after its passage. Things have even become violent. This is a mirror to how polarized we have become as a society and as humankind. It’s all about us/them and me/you.

Why is this a problem? Because it creates separation. It is divisive. It is egocentric and life and living cannot be sustained this way any longer. It is the root of violence, intolerance, social and even personal discord. There is no “us” or “them”, only “us”. We are “them”. They are “us”.

There is huge chaos and challenges in our lives and our communities currently that we have never experienced before. People are having major crises and stress is at an all time high. Unity is the means in which things will change, not polarity.

The good news is that you can make a difference. You have impact. You can be a catalyst for change. How? By releasing the mind set of polarity in your own life and embracing unity/community. Nothing changes until you do.

The first step is to recognize where you may have tunnel vision. We all do at times. But it’s a problem if this is your general way of looking at things. Do you only see one side of situations? Or do you make an effort to look at all sides and gain understanding of the various aspects? I’m not suggesting that you don’t have an opinion. Yet digging your heels in and not being open to hearing or seeing other aspects of a situation is polarity. It limits your compassion and understanding of what is really going on. Compassion and understanding aspects of unity.

How do you live your life? Is it all about you? Perhaps you have the mindset that it’s all about what you need and how you’ll get it, who owes you, what others are doing for you and who is out to get you. Consider what you are doing for others. How are your actions impacting those around you? Our actions have impact. Being mindful of your own behavior and choices are an aspect of unity.

How do you treat people? Are you usually focused only on your own needs? Or are you kind and generous? Maybe you don’t do anything unless there is something in it for you. Do you do things for others or do you expect all others to do for you? Do you lend a hand to your neighbor or to a stranger in need? Lend your hand. Smile at strangers. Be kind even when others are not. This creates community. Community is an aspect of unity.

So you see, unity isn’t that difficult. Have an open mind. Be compassionate and understanding. Create an awareness of the impact of your actions. Treat people with respect and kindness. Create community. Stop making it all about you and see the bigger picture. Get out of polarity. Our government is a reflection of us. If we did this in our own lives, our policy makers would reflect this and do it themselves. We would be more unified. We all benefit this way. There are no losers when we have unity. Everyone loses when we are polarized.

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Julie Farha is an intuitive, personal coach, speaker and author of Exploring Your Potential; Who am I and what am I doing here? She holds interactive seminars and is available for private sessions and speaking engagements., 480-998-1447