How would you like to have a tool which you could monitor your body’s actions and how it was processing the way you feel at all times? Most of the time we can not remember what happened in our childhood or how it affected us. Most people do not know they are not in control of their life. Are you making the decisions that affect you or are you on automatic pilot? Most of the time we are following the programs which were programmed into our Subconscious Minds database. There is a method to find which file folder in the data base holds the information we are searching for. Energy Psychology is the method. You have this tool built into your body/minds operating system at your service all the time. It is described as Kinesiology or muscle testing.

After practicing conventional psychology for many years we discovered that you can not talk programs and dysfunctions out of the body. Sometimes we can help a person change his/her beliefs if he/she is not being run by a program. It was very frustrating to find I was only marginally successful in my practice. So I began researching for a new system which would achieve effective results. Having studied with Dr, John Diamond in 1978-79 and learned how to use Kinesiology. His form was much more effective than conventional Kinesiology which had been around for quite a long time. I decided to use it as a tool to locate programs in the mind which were causing conflicts in the mind/body and it worked very well in finding the base causes and core issues. Most of the time clients would tell what they thought the problem was, yet when we went through the testing we found it was a different issue. Shortly after this I discovered a new concept that a few researchers had been studying. It was Psychoneuroimunnology the interrelationship with body and the brain. They were finding that the body and brain/mind were connected. I had been aware of this since it was what I had been doing in my new found practice for ten years.. When I found Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine they did not seem to me be in line with what I was finding in my new work, yet I decided I was going to integrate them into my work and come up with a new definition.

The interpretation or description of psychology is to understand the actions, attitudes and/or behavior of a person and how she/he is interfacing with his/her life. Conventional psychological practices are only marginally successful in getting down to the cause of dysfunctional behavior because we very seldom can recall or understand the situation and the actions we have taken due to the trauma or distress we were under at the time. Most of the time we are not aware how, where or what was filed in our mind. My new definition of Energy Psychology was locating the base causes and core issues of malfunctions in the body and the mind. Behavioral Kinesiology as Dr. John Diamond described it was the perfect match. Energy means you are using some form of energy which has a basic connection with psychology. When a practitioner uses Energy Psychology they are using it as a support system to ask questions to help them find a conflict or malfunction which is affecting the body/mind. Once you find the source of the malfunction then you can release it with an affirmation if it is just a belief. Affirmations are extended tools of Energy Psychology. They are like dialogues with our mind to get it to accept a new belief and new way of behavior. This shift in programming is based on our ability or the person we are working with to accept this new behavior. We must let go of the past experiences which created the conflict or malfunctioning program to be installed and filed in our Subconscious mind.

If we can not release or change the program which is driving and causing the problem or challenge with an affirmation I discovered it had become locked into the cellular memory of the body. This is where Energy Medicine seemed to fit in the system. This requires we go to the next phase. Energy Medicine is the system which we use to release programs which are locked into cellular memory such as anger, resentment, fear and all the programs which are attached to some behavior which we encountered in earlier years of our life. If they are driven by a program this is the only method we have found which will release the program. We will describe what this system in future articles on Energy Medicine.

When you master this system you can control your behavior and response to any situation which is presented to you. You can use the energy of your body and mind to ask any question you would like to know about once you learn how to use the system. There are two forms you can use to ask the questions. One is a direct form using your fingers if you are working it yourself or a pendulum which is described as Dowsing, an indirect form which will provide the same answers once you learn how to use this method of asking questions. The second form requires a practitioner or someone who is skilled at Kinesiology to ask questions using your arm as the signaling device. Energy Psychology is a method to ask yes or no questions about anything which is in your Subconscious minds data base or actually anything you would like to ask questions about that your mind can tune into. There really is no limitation as to what you can access with Energy Psychology when you learn how to ask the questions.

Since Energy Psychology has come to the forefront in the last fifteen years many people are describing their practice or therapy as Energy Psychology. Even though practitioners have been using the term, are they actually practicing Energy Psychology? Since psychology is about behavior and actions people are involved in what is the link which creates the connection with Energy Psychology? We have to ask this question. Do they have a background in basic Psychology so they can they ask the right questions and explain the answers they receive?

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Art Martin has a Ph.D. in Energy Medicine and Psychology. He has been practicing Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine for over 25 years. More information about Energy Medicine and Psychology is available at his website.