Few people are aware of the limiting power their judgments hold over the ability to live life on their own terms. Judgments are the glue that keep us stuck in unwanted outcomes. They take away the ability to be present in the moment. Holding a judgment is a belief that inhibits the transitory nature of experience. By remaining stuck in a viewpoint, rather than being open to what an experience feels like, there is little change in the world of experience.

Judgments are opinions, usually with a moral edict attached. These thoughts, usually stored in our subconscious minds, are anchored by the emotional attachment they contain, based on previous experiences also stored in the subconscious mind.

It’s true that we need to be able to make informed decisions and use our power of discernment to determine what is best for each of us. This is the nature of intuiting our higher self to be in alignment with our life mission and purpose.

Yet too often, our natural tendency to make judgments is based on a fight or flight response to what is happening. This results in powerful, emotionally charged judgments stored in the subconscious mind. These judgments then become the beliefs that direct our lives, attracting unwanted experiences. They are the mechanism that profoundly and powerfully keeps unwanted scenarios in place.

Letting go of judgments is the key to creating a happier life. If you release the judgments surrounding unpleasant feelings, you offer those feelings an opportunity to move. Unless they are allowed to move, you will continue to feel stuck in the unwanted outcomes they attract. No matter how subconsciously hidden these feelings may be, they continue to emanate an attractive force that magnetically draws life experience based on the nature of the feelings.

Releasing judgments is the key to forgiveness. It is the key to enlightenment. It is the key to humility, which opens a gateway to unlimited compassion and a more intuitive, much higher level of consciousness. When we cannot forgive someone, including ourselves, we are still holding judgments that will not allow the cleansing release that is the grace of forgiveness.

Our conscious rational mind, which operates through judgment, does not want us to let go of the only wisdom it understands. It does not understand the irrational soul-knowing wisdom of the heart, which is designed to guide us on our journey through life.

Our heart, if we will learn how to listen to it, will tell us everything we need to know about finding happiness and satisfaction in life. Releasing judgments opens the heart to this inner wisdom.

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Moonstone Star White is a personal growth facilitator, hypnotherapist and licensed massage therapist. Her transformational book, “High Way From Hell: Using Emotion to Fan the Fire of Enlightenment”, helps readers align with their inner wisdom and become a more authentic expression of self. “High Way From Hell” has won 8 national book awards.

She may be reached at http://www.LiberateYourSpirit.com. Her hypnotic recordings are available at http://www.HypnosisRecording.com. This article may be copied and forwarded freely, provided it is used in its entirety including this byline and all links.