Business plan development is important when starting a new business and this holds true in the case of a fitness business start up, too.

Every business must have some visions and goals for itself. Without a mission and future goals to guide a business, no business venture can succeed.

Business plan development is not only important to gain funding for your fitness business venture, it is also important to give you an idea of where you stand and where you intend to use the business. A business plan, as the name suggests, is supposed to include all the information regarding your business goals, operating costs and future plans.

The most important thing to keep in mind during the process of business plan development is the objective of doing so. Business plans are usually drawn out either to raise money or to manage the business.

If the business plan development is for a new fitness business venture, creating a mission and vision should be the first and foremost thing. Later, you can start planning the things needed to create a real business.

Whatever the reason for business plan development, some points are imperative to a business plan. It must tell the reader what your target market is, how this market is going to sustain your business in the future and how your business is going to be different from that of your competitors.

The information included in the business plan must be very specific.

• Summary: Though most people tend to write it in the end, the first section should ideally be an executive summary. It must contain information regarding the history of the business, the marketing plans previously used and some information about the owner, too.

• Objective and goals: Define the sector of population you want to target such as kids, stay-at-home mothers or senior citizens. You can evolve your fitness center into something more than just a gym.

• Services: This feature can definitely set your fitness center apart from others. Make a list of services you wish to offer your patrons such as swimming pool, sauna, personal training, boxing, yoga or any other option you wish to include. You can also include one on one training or batches.

• Funding: This section must contain complete information on liability, operating expenses, earnings and the gross profit margin. Business plans are indispensable to get funding for a fitness business.

• Marketing: This is another important aspect of a business plan development. No business plan is complete without inclusion of the marketing strategies you would be adopting to promote your fitness business. Make sure you have solid strategies to advertise and market your fitness business.

During business plan development, you may include any other long term or short-term goals that you may have for your fitness business.

Business plan development is as essential to your fitness business as the fitness equipment itself. It is the first step towards the development of your business. Having a business plan shows you in a professional light.

Business plan development for your fitness business need not be a stressful task. Once you are clear about the goals, objectives and other specifications, drawing up a business plan should not be difficult.

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Darrell Morris is the V.P. of Business Coaching for the Achieve Fitness USA Licensing Program. He is a dedicated toward helping fitness professionals achieve there goals of running a successful fitness business. For more information contact him at or visit and