As a Life Coach, this is where I find people. Great lives born out of negative pasts.

If your past sucked, then you benefited and your life is better today because of it. Having a negative childhood is almost always the best thing that ever happens to someone. The contrast you experience gives you new desires, new ideas, and the energy you need to create the life you want.
The negative past is a catalyst for profound change.

In that way, it is great!! But your unwillingness to accept it and appreciate it becomes a barrier to the next level of happiness and peace. You see, once you proven to everyone that you are better then your past, you realize proving it doesn’t make you happy.

To break through the glass ceiling you must align with your past. Appreciate your past. Acknowledge that your past was exactly what you needed to become the person you are today. This will increase your sense of purpose, happiness and joy almost instantly. Acknowledge all the people that pissed you off. They were exactly what you needed to grow.

Try it today. Figure out how everything you hated about your past is exactly what you needed to become the person today. Acknowledge and love your breakdowns. Realize they made you who you are.

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