When it comes to healing, state of brain is as important as state of mind. Our brains are constantly vibrating, just like everything else in the universe. Generally the more awake and busy our brains are, the faster the brain waves. Scientists have divided up our brain waves into several categories. When we are fully alert and mentally engaged, they call it beta state. When we are relaxed, calm, but alert, they call it alpha state. When we are dreamy they call it theta state. When we are in deep sleep they call it delta.

Our bodies do most of their healing while we are in alpha, theta and delta. The good news is that we can learn to consciously enter alpha and theta and direct that healing with mental imagery and suggestions.

If you learn to quickly enter the alpha state, you can do a little two minute visualization, three or four, or more times a day. This is perfect for overcoming symptoms of allergies, colds, headaches, anxiety, phobias, etc. Most people can learn to quickly enter the alpha state within a few days.

Getting into a conscious theta state takes more practice, but is well worth the effort. Most “miracle cures” happen while in the theta state. Although we are in the theta state, every night while we are dreaming, we need to learn to enter it consciously, in order to access our deeper healing powers. Actually, it is during the theta and delta states, every night, that our body does a lot of it's repair and healing. Often, though, we have problems that are not healing and we need to unblock our bodies' natural healing powers, and consciously entering the theta state is the best way to do that.

At first, getting into theta state will be more or less unconscious. When we first wake up, and are still fully aware of the dream state, so that it almost seems real, we are in theta. As we become more conscious we move out of theta waves into faster ones. Staying there and directing the dream is a good way to practice being conscious in theta. Using hypnosis and guided imagery are great ways to get the benefits of the theta state, without needing to be awake enough to guide yourself. Eventually with practice, you can learn to be in a deep theta state and consciously direct your experience. That's when you reap the greatest rewards.

Most people can learn to quickly get into alpha state within a few days. To get into a conscious theta state can take weeks or months. The rewards in terms of physical and emotional healing are well worth the practice required.

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Edward Sanderson has been practicing healing meditations for over thirty years. Learn how to quickly enter alpha state at his blog, Meditations For Healing