Children experience "wow" constantly. Everything is big and wonderful but as they are conditioned, by parents, teachers and other influential people in their lives, over and over, the "wows" become fewer and farther between. We are reminded by Jesus to be as little children not because they are so sweet and innocent (which, by the way, they are) but because they are so much more aware. Their awareness of the world is not limited to the narrow perspective we develop as, so called, conscious beings. As adults we often become annoyed at the frequent questioning of "why" little children seem to be asking constantly and about everything they see. They really are not asking "why" to understand "why" as we tend to think about it rather they are asking "why" this doesn't seem to matter as much to you as it does to me. If you consider the things that matter as adults it becomes clear that we have lost a lot, if not all, of the sense of wonder and awareness little children have.

Where did it go? What happens to us is what we are doing to them!! Children have an incredible sense of awareness and seem to be in awe of everything that goes on. In fact, we can look back and remember very special times in our lives where some event, circumstance or activity seemed to enliven every fiber of our being and just thinking about it gives us chills. What happens to this sense of awe and wonder?

We are born into this world with a heightened awareness that, from the moment of birth, is transformed into another kind of awareness. It is the awareness all of us are conditioned to view the world as and it is not the awareness we had as children. What we had as children is conditioned out of us by those who have had it conditioned out of them.

Have you ever returned to your childhood elementary school, home or some other place that you remember so vividly as a big and wondrous place only to find it small and nowhere near as awesome as you remembered it? What happened? In essence you grew up but more dramatically your awareness of the world went from wonder and awe to "as an adult here is what is important." Our conditioning takes us from an awareness of complete wonder and awe to a false sense of what is important in the world and in our lives.

Jesus' admonition to be as little children was a reminder to each of us to get back to the sense of awareness, the sense of awe and amazement we all once experienced as little children and give up the conditioning that has replaced it. Imagine how fun the world would be if we didn't put careers, education, politics, affiliations and all the other things we consider to be so important, ahead of the sheer wonder of being alive in an incredibly wondrous world that is so rich and full of fun and beauty we, like children, can't get enough of it and it never stops being big and wonderful. Being like little children is having the awareness of wonder, awe and fascination of every aspect of life not complicated by the conditioning that most adults consider important.

"Be as little children" was a challenge to adults not to be innocent, but to have the awareness we have all experienced as little children! The child is the parent of the adult. We all know what it was like to be a child and how incredible everything was in that world. When we go back to sensing reality in that way what we now see as important becomes less so.
The illusion we now experience as adults is just that - an illusion that only has significance because we have been conditioned to view it that way.

The things we see as important, as adults are not. The awareness we had as children is!
Change your awareness to that of a child and the "now" becomes "WOW!!"

Want to change your "frequency of WOW?" Change your awareness of now to the awareness of "how" you once were. Find your inner child and WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!

Author's Bio: 

Carl has always been spiritually connected and driven to know the higher purposes of our existence on Earth. Over his lifetime he has sometimes felt haunted by the "otherness" of life we routinely fail to comprehend in the hustle and bustle of a very narrow view of awareness we all seem to accept as reality. That "otherness" is about which, he writes. He is the author of the book "On Being God-Beyond Your Life's Purpose" which is a spiritual/self help book that raises our existence in this life and beyond to that of gods. We are already greater than anything we can imagine. What makes him qualified to write such a book is that in his own search to find truth he found what Jesus refers to as, "the kingdom of heaven."

The kingdom of heaven is not within us, rather it is us! We all possess it as well as every other soul on this planet past, present and future. We need only find it to begin to comprehend our own unique greatness.

Carl has been a resident of Broomfield, Colorado since 2007. Prior to that he was a longtime resident of Longmont, Colorado.

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